How to Reopen Your Business During Uncertain Times

Business Open Sign

Businesses worldwide have been struggling with how to handle the constant changes and developments brought forward by COVID-19. Lockdowns that cause businesses to shut their doors, lack of money that leads to layoffs, outbreaks at factories that shut down the supply chain, and what seems like an endless list of changes and procedures that will … Read more

Competing with Yourself When Evaluating Software

Can't make a decision

Analysis paralysis, inability to make a decision, over analyzing, fear of potential error…sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from analysis paralysis every day when it comes to making purchase decisions, travel plans, and simple choices in their lives. But when it comes to business decisions such as buying enterprise software, analysis … Read more

Why ERP Will be the Biggest Decision Your Company Makes in 2019

ERP Software Planning for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, have you started planning for the year ahead? If software is on your radar, it’s important that you have a plan in place BEFORE you start searching for a new solution. In the world of back-end business management software, there is sometimes a disconnect between the types of systems … Read more

3 Tips for a Successful Inventory Accounting Software Upgrade

Software Change in 2018

It’s hard to believe we are already over a month into 2018. For many businesses, January marks not only the beginning of the calendar year but also the beginning of the fiscal year which means new budgets, new projects and a clear plan for what’s ahead in 2018. If replacing introductory or legacy software is … Read more

Blue Link Software Releases NEW ERP User Interface

Blue Link ERP Software New User Interface

New Blue Link ERP user interface includes a customizable homepage, user-friendly global navigation, and convenient dashboard toolbar. VAUGHAN, ONT – January 16, 2018 – Blue Link Associates, a leader in integrated accounting and inventory management ERP, announced the release of its latest user interface. The new design boasts a sleeker look and improved accessibility to key … Read more

Hitting Snooze On Your Inventory Accounting Software Search?

Software Search Delay

As we approach the summer months with good weather, longer days, and many employees taking some much-needed time off, it can be tempting to put your inventory accounting software search on the back burner for the season.  However, as the pace of operations wind down for many businesses, this small window of opportunity can be an advantageous time to buckle … Read more

Before You Speak with Distribution Accounting Software Vendors, Consider the Following

Assessing Business Needs for Distribution Accounting Software

You have been assigned the immense task of finding the right Distribution Accounting Software for your company. You’re working with a tight deadline and need to find the right vendor as fast as possible. But before you pick up the phone to call that first vendor, ask yourself, “Do I know exactly what the business … Read more

It’s Time to Replace QuickBooks. So what’s the Hold Up?

QuickBooks Replacement

As a business owner or user of introductory software such as QuickBooks, you are fully aware that the time has now come to search for a new software system. The company has been using this software for several years and the limitations that were once unnoticeable are quickly becoming too prominent and cumbersome to manage. The … Read more

Using Business Intelligence Tools to Drive Decision Making

business intelligence tools

When you think about Business Intelligence (BI), a number of things may come to mind – analytics, data mining, event processing, benchmarking, performance management, predictive analysis and reporting fall under this umbrella term. Generally speaking, Business Intelligence refers to any tool or technology that can turn raw information into something meaningful for business owners. It … Read more

Cloud vs. On-Premises Cost Comparison

cloud vs on premises

There are several aspects to consider when choosing to implement a fully integrated inventory and accounting (ERP) system – one of them being whether or not to implement the software via the cloud or as an on-premises solution. The term “cloud” is often used interchangeably with the terms “hosted” and “SaaS”, and refers to the … Read more