The Biggest Misconceptions About Cloud-Based ERP Software

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Guest Post by Lisa C. Dunn Cloud technology has certainly gained popularity over the last decade with more and more businesses moving away from traditional software models to the modern internet realm. However,  many myths and misperceptions continue to surround Cloud-Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. For many businesses, it seems daunting to hop on … Read more

Remote Access to Software – ERP on the Go

Remote Access to Software

If your business has sales reps that travel on a regular basis, these reps may find themselves at a customer’s location in need of access to information about that customer’s history, pricing and up-to-date inventory availability. These reps may also want to electronically place orders on behalf of their customers or when working at tradeshows.  … Read more

Is Cloud Based Wholesale ERP Software Right for Your Business?


Deciding to make the switch to a fully integrated ERP system as a wholesale distribution company – whether you’re transitioning from existing software or manual processes – requires a lot of time and resources.  It also involves making a choice between implementing a system on-premises or hosted through the cloud.  So which method is better … Read more

Cloud vs. On-Premises Cost Comparison

cloud vs on premises

There are several aspects to consider when choosing to implement a fully integrated inventory and accounting (ERP) system – one of them being whether or not to implement the software via the cloud or as an on-premises solution. The term “cloud” is often used interchangeably with the terms “hosted” and “SaaS”, and refers to the … Read more

Cloud ERP Software Popularity Still on the Rise


…………. Previously we wrote about the benefits of cloud ERP software, and it appears that the trend towards the cloud is continuing, perhaps as a result of its many benefits. Here’s a brief recap of the benefits of cloud ERP software: –          Reduced up-front investment in software licenses –          Eliminate hardware expenditure & maintenance –          … Read more

Comparing Hosted (Online) & On-Premises Software Systems


We have touched upon the benefits of hosted software before, but we have yet to provide a side-by-side comparison of hosted and on-premises. The following post will serve as an overview guide to the difference between these deployment methods. The Advantages/Disadvantages of On-Premises Software:    Advantages    Disadvantages Data is stored inside the organization Increased customization and … Read more