How to Evaluate ERP Vendors

Evaluating Software Vendors

We’ve previously discussed the importance of finding an ERP vendor who can meet all your functionality requirements, and the difference between custom software vs. out-of-the box software, but there are other important factors to consider.  Functionality and cost should not be the only criteria on which you evaluate vendors, given that the software market is somewhat saturated … Read more

Good ERP Software Support

Good ERP Software Support

You have just implemented a system that seems like a good fit for your business. It was a fairly cheap solution but seemed to check out just fine. You are now experiencing some problems, and need software support. You’ve called in for assistance, and one of the following happened: You were re-routed to a representative … Read more

Business Software: Don’t Ignore Tech Support

important of tech support

When choosing business software, the availability and quality of the helpdesk / support department are frequently overlooked. Yet we’ve all heard the complaints and retold the jokes about technical support. You call for help with your software, and after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, you get asked a bunch of questions by a technician … Read more