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How Sunset Software Affects Your Business

If you’re using sunset software, it’s time to think about getting rid of the old software and implementing something new. While the system you’re using may be good enough for some areas of your business, you are likely missing out on quite a few key[...]
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The Benefits of Blue Link

The sun peaks over the horizon, and your alarm blares. You turn over, staying in bed as long as possible, dreading the day ahead. Work is a slog, and no matter what you do to make the process easier, everything comes crashing down. The reports are full of[...]
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Transitioning from Legacy Business Management Software to Modern ERP

There are many reasons why your business may decide to upgrade your existing technology and business management software systems. For example, when a software systems decides to end support for a legacy operating system (think Windows XP), when new techno[...]
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Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Software to Employees

Inherent in its name, “Enterprise Software” (also known as ERP)  is a software solution that will affect all aspects of a business. If you decide your company needs a fully integrated solution, the software you select will need functionality [...]

It’s Time to Replace QuickBooks. So what’s the Hold Up?

As a business owner or user of introductory software such as QuickBooks, you are fully aware that the time has now come to search for a new software system. The company has been using this software for several years and the limitations that were once unno[...]

Target Canada: Mistakes Made from a Software Perspective

It was a sad day in Canadian retail history when, just over a year ago, Target Canada filed for bankruptcy protection after months of struggling to gain a foothold in the marketplace.  A highly anticipated launch seemed to face issue after issue from[...]
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Moving from Legacy On-Premises ERP to Cloud ERP

For many companies, deciding to implement a new ERP software stems from company growth and a lack of integrated software. However for those businesses that have been around longer, the need may stem from using outdated legacy systems.  In certain instanc[...]
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4 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Distribution ERP Software

As a small business owner it is inevitable that some of your time will be spent putting out fires, and dealing with issues as they arise on a daily basis.  For wholesale distribution companies this may include: time spent searching through various system[...]
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Factors to Consider When Upgrading Software: Employee Skill Set

Introductory software systems, such as QuickBooks, are great tools for small and start-up businesses.    They require minimal training and set-up, are intuitive and easy to use and come with a relatively low price tag.  However, as your business grow[...]

What’s the Difference between Introductory Software and ERP?

The enterprise software industry is typically divided into 3 different tiers and/or segments: Tier One introductory systems, Tier Two mid-market ERP systems and Tier Three, top-tier or Blue Chip solutions. Each different Tier is geared towards companies [...]