Top Canadian Sales Tax Tips for U.S. Businesses

Canadian taxes

In 2016, U.S. exports into Canada totaled a whopping $320.1 billion. It is no question that Canada is a clear opportunity for U.S. based businesses/sellers to expand their market and increase their sales volumes. However, with this opportunity of increased exports comes the question of whether U.S. sellers have a responsibility to register for Canadian Sales Tax (GST/HST). The … Read more

How to Automate and Manage Inventory Reorder Levels

automate inventory purchasing

Ever heard of the Goldilocks factor? Yes, as in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It may be a children’s fairytale, however, the principle of getting things ‘just right’ can be applied to many factors of a wholesale distribution business, especially when it comes to the endless balancing act of inventory management. Order too much product … Read more

The Danger of the DIY Mindset With Inventory Accounting Software

DIY Culture

The do-it-yourself (DIY) mindset has been around for a while now and is traditionally associated with home improvement projects and arts and crafts.  However, thanks to the popularity of DIY topics on YouTube, podcasts, TV channels, websites, and in books, more and more industries are marketing to the DIYer and encouraging consumers and businesses to … Read more

3 Steps to Building a Successful ERP Software Training Plan

Successful ERP Software Training

Guest Post by Lauren Stafford Companies often make the mistake of neglecting training to cut costs or to speed up the process of implementing new software. The importance of training shouldn’t be overlooked.  Investing time and resources in training is necessary from the outset to save money in the longer term. You should also include … Read more

Distribution ERP Software – When to Customize, When to Configure?

From dress shirts to gifts, and even houses and cars…customized and personalized goods are certainly prevalent with customers who desire to have unique products.  Consumers can choose from a range of variable options- colors, text, sizes, material etc. But in the world of technology, specifically, Distribution ERP Software, is customization worth all the hype? Before … Read more

Replacing Manual Processes with eCommerce Integration

Replace Manual Processes with eCommerce Integration

Picture This: You started an eCommerce site two years ago, and ever since have had a team of employees dedicated to managing all aspects of the sales, order and shipping process. New products are manually added to the website, and employees are responsible for updating inventory quantities and prices upon receipt of new inventory into the … Read more

7 Ways to Save Costs When Replacing QuickBooks

Save Costs Buying ERP

[fusion_text]The acquisition of new software is a huge undertaking, especially when you replace QuickBooks or other introductory software for a Tier 2 or ERP solution. However, as a business grows there will come a time when this transition is necessary as existing systems struggle to keep up and new business complexities arise.  ERP software is … Read more

Google Sprint Pro Tips – What I Learnt from Doing a Google Sprint

Blue Link Google Sprint Experience

If you’ve never heard of a Google Design Sprint, it’s worth checking out.  The idea comes from the people at Google Ventures and is based on a methodology for making big decisions quickly.  As employees from Google Ventures have learnt, a lot of resources, money and time can be wasted designing, testing and prototyping ideas … Read more

Wholesale Distribution Software: Implementation Wish List

Software Implementation Wish List

When you implement new wholesale distribution software, it provides a great opportunity to also evaluate existing processes with a view to increasing efficiencies and reduce costs.  This is especially true for businesses moving from introductory software and manual processes, and for those who lack specific functionality such as inventory management.  The first step in identifying … Read more

Optimizing Inventory Beyond ERP: Spotlight Interview with EazyStock

Optimize Inventory

Every wholesale distribution business knows the importance of proper inventory management.  Your company’s ability to efficiently buy and sell product is what dictates success.  This becomes even more important as wholesale distribution businesses begin to sell through multiple sales channels including eCommerce.  In order to properly manage your inventory, most wholesale distribution businesses turn to … Read more