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Replacing Manual Processes with eCommerce Integration

Picture This: You started an eCommerce site two years ago, and ever since have had a team of employees dedicated to managing all aspects of the sales, order and shipping process. New products are manually added to the website, and employees are responsib[...]
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Preparing Your Wholesale Distribution Business for Global Expansion

Expanding your business to serve the global market can refer to many different things, such as: opening new physical locations, working with 3PLs in different locations, importing product from new suppliers and exporting product to new customers.  Many b[...]

Understanding the eCommerce ERP Integration Data Flow

As we’ve discussed before, to be successful as an eCommerce company you need to invest in the proper tools for both front-end and back-end management. Many businesses entering the eCommerce space often overlook the need for back-end systems to fulfill, [...]
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eCommerce Integration with Inventory & Accounting ERP Software

As eCommerce continues to grow in popularity, online storefronts are now relevant beyond just the large retail companies, and in some industries necessary to remain competitive.  Many companies engaged in industries that historically stayed away from [...]
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Distribution ERP Software – Integration vs. Automation

One of the greatest advantages of a sophisticated distribution ERP system is that it allows companies to easily integrate with other software or websites. This includes integrating with a CRM system, a payroll add-on, or eCommerce websites. Even though a[...]
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The Definition of eCommerce Integration – Software Jargon

Any industry will have its own set of acronyms, industry-specific jargon, slang and terminology that can be difficult for the general public to understand. What’s more, some industry players use the terminology differently which can add to the confu[...]
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Magento Integration with ERP Software

Guest blog: Ben Burmaster, owner of SnuggleBugz, speaks about Magento integration with ERP software. At the time we decided to go with Magento there were a lot of, I would say almost, bigger plays in the market than Magento. The unique thing about[...]
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eCommerce and ERP Integration: Getting Started

Consumers have come to expect pricing and inventory information from retailers in real-time, so having a quality eCommerce website is increasingly important.  eCommerce provides a channel for customers to access information and purchase products 24/7, 36[...]
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eCommerce Integration with Inventory & Accounting Software

Guest blog: Ben Burmaster, owner of SnuggleBugz, speaks about how he got started with eCommerce and how he has found success in it. We sell everything, mostly hard good and gear; strollers, car seats, diapers cloth diapers, basically anything you r[...]
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Data Integration across Systems

Week after week, we here at Blue Link Associates receive calls from business owners in desperate need of change to their existing software systems. The existing systems are hindering their business growth and, naturally enough, they want to do something a[...]
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