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How Are You Managing Your Landed Costs?

There are a few different ways that you are probably familiar with for tracking and managing your actual cost of goods, with some being more exact than others. Maybe you calculate everything manually, or maybe you’re adding the same markup percentage ac[...]
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Navigating Global Supply Chains with Import Export Management Software

Globalization has been aided largely by advances in information technology and trends such as eCommerce, electronic banking, video conferencing, email and access to information over the internet.  For distribution businesses, globalization provides the o[...]

Preparing Your Wholesale Distribution Business for Global Expansion

Expanding your business to serve the global market can refer to many different things, such as: opening new physical locations, working with 3PLs in different locations, importing product from new suppliers and exporting product to new customers.  Many b[...]

Food Distribution Software Programs: Key Features

The food distribution industry is very unique in a number of different ways. With numerous standards and regulations set by governing bodies in place, as well as an overall level of quality that must be upheld to customers, it is important to employ a sof[...]
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Landed Cost Formula (Calculation) | How to Track Landed Costs

How do I calculate my true cost (“landed cost”) of products? This is a question we frequently hear from our customers and prospects, and it’s based mainly on three areas of uncertainty: What costs should I take into account?[...]
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Better Inventory Management

Business owners are constantly striving to improve inventory management in their warehouses – but how can they do this? The answer is of course dependent on the company as well as specific problems, but in general, businesses trying to solve inventor[...]

The Distribution Inventory Software Mystery

Notes from the casebook of Detective Ivan Toonow… The scene: the desk of ace salesperson Myrtle Beech The suspects: Myrtle, her sales manager Pierre Groop, and the CFO, C. Ash Mann. The crime: Myrtle closed the biggest sale of the[...]
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Stop Losing Money and Start Tracking Landed Costs

Sometimes telling a prospective customer the truth can offend them, but every good salesperson knows that it’s better to be honest and set realistic expectations. This is especially important when it comes to providing advice on efficiencies, automa[...]
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