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Multi-Currency Accounting and Inventory Software

Think about the purchases you’ve made in the last few months. Have any of them been cross-border? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. With the emergence of the omnichannel shopping experience, consumers are experiencing seamless buying across bord[...]
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Navigating Global Supply Chains with Import Export Management Software

Globalization has been aided largely by advances in information technology and trends such as eCommerce, electronic banking, video conferencing, email and access to information over the internet.  For distribution businesses, globalization provides the o[...]

Globalization and the need for Import/Export Software

As a result of major advancements in both policy and technology over several decades, international trade and foreign investment have become central to overall economic growth. Governments have successfully negotiated international agreements that are resp[...]
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How to Pick the Best Import Export Software for Your Distribution Business

Choosing the best import export software for your distribution business can be a cumbersome task for any company, but can get even more complicated when industry specific functionality is needed.  Many systems include basic accounting, inventory and cust[...]
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Import & Export Software – What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Import and Export Software. There are so many software packages out there these days that it can feel like you’re drowning when searching for information.  So we try to break things down by [...]
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