Magento Integration with ERP Software

Mark Canes


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Guest blog: Ben Burmaster, owner of SnuggleBugz, speaks about Magento integration with ERP software.

At the time we decided to go with Magento there were a lot of, I would say almost, bigger plays in the market than Magento. The unique thing about Magento was that it appeared to have a very active community and the following around it seemed to be r
eally growing. They also had raised a lot of money and it looked like they were going to be serious about moving forward.

The gift registry component that they offer for us was by a third-party and I think that is one of the unique things that gave us the ability to do what we needed to do. It also identified that there is a much tighter developer community around Magento and a lot more third-party companies creating add-ons to the package or allowing you to do things that the base package wouldn’t do because Magento is open source.

Working with Demac has been extremely beneficial to us. The relationship that we have with them has helped us grow and succeed at the rate that we have and Blue Link and their ERP system, has given us the flexibility. It has allowed us to allow us in this integration process to do the things we wanted to do.

So the integration between Blue Link and Demac happens on two levels:

  1. One is inventory, where inventory is updated and synced with the Blue Link ERP system. Everything from descriptions, colours, attributes, pricing – as they change they are automatically synced.
  2. The second component is orders, where an order comes in to Magento, those orders are automatically created via the integration in Blue Link and then the entire shipping process of that order is automated. Once an order comes in, Blue Link owns that order and then Magento is sort of an afterthought at that point, and Blue Link manages that order and then the sync goes back the other way to update Magento. If the customers check their information online they will see the status of the order, that it has been invoiced, the tracking number and that type of information.