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Matt Picariello works in the Sales & Marketing Department at Blue Link. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, camping and all things hockey.

The Benefits of ERP Software with CRM Functionality

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be very helpful to a company’s sales and marketing team in driving sales growth. Tools that enable a team to track leads and prospects through a comprehensive sales cycle can help ensure they don’t allo[...]
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Why Now is the Right Time to Implement Food Distribution Software

Implementing a food distribution software system into a business is no easy task. It requires coordination across multiple levels of an organization in order to arrive at a decision that works for everyone. With such a high level of synchronization needed[...]
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3 Smart (but Incredibly Obvious) Questions to ask Before an ERP Implementation

An ERP implementation is no walk in the park and there’s really no sugar coating this fact. Despite this, you have still decided to purchase a new ERP software system because of the benefits and efficiencies it can provide your business. Unfortunate[...]
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Blue Link’s A.R.M Contest Winners Announced

Throughout the month of March, Blue Link ran a competition open to all of our customers called the A.R.M Contest. Automated Report Maintenance, or “A.R.M” for short, is a rules based automated data and email update tool found in Blue Link Software. We[...]
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Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Software to Employees

Inherent in its name, “Enterprise Software” (also known as ERP)  is a software solution that will affect all aspects of a business. If you decide your company needs a fully integrated solution, the software you select will need functionality [...]

It’s Time to Replace QuickBooks. So what’s the Hold Up?

As a business owner or user of introductory software such as QuickBooks, you are fully aware that the time has now come to search for a new software system. The company has been using this software for several years and the limitations that were once unno[...]

3 Common Employee Complaints During ERP Training

Implementing ERP software into your business is an impressive milestone that highlights the fact that a business is experiencing favorable growth and is primed for future success. If only all your employees felt this way. No matter how helpful you deem ER[...]
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A New Year Means a New ERP Software Search

Now that the champagne has been polished off and you’ve rung in the New Year, it’s time to make your return to the office and attempt to shake the holidays from your mind. As your business returns to its normal operating activities, you may start to r[...]
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4 Important Qualities to Seek in an ERP Consultant

Your company is growing and you are experiencing order volume at unprecedented levels. Years of hard work are finally beginning to pay off, and the business is approaching the vision you had for it. As a successful business owner, you know that in order t[...]
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ERP Implementation is only the Beginning…

Implementing a fully integrated ERP platform into your business is no easy feat. Depending on the complexity of the system, this process may have taken months from when you initially made the decision to invest in the new technology. Hopefully the s[...]
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