It’s Time to Replace QuickBooks. So what’s the Hold Up?

Matt Picariello

As a business owner or user of introductory software such as QuickBooks, you are fully aware that the time has now come to search for a new software system. The company has been using this software for several years and the limitations that were once unnoticeable are quickly becoming too prominent and cumbersome to manage. The company is growing substantially and new systems and processes are needed to complement and enable continued growth. So why the hesitation? There are a number of reasons why a company is reluctant to replace Quickbooks and move off their introductory software:

QuickBooks has been good to you. 

QuickBooks is a sensible choice for many start-up companies trying to get a business off the ground. For startup companies looking for basic accounting functionality, QuickBooks has become a logical choice from both a cost and usability standpoint. As you’ve grown the company, QuickBooks has been by your side every step of the way and using its tools has become second nature to you and your team. However, there will come a point in time when the software will not offer the necessary tools for a growing a dynamic business. Although you and your employees have grown accustomed to the software, in order to facilitate further growth and keep up with order volume, you will need a system that can accommodate these plans.



You've been burned before by other software vendors. 

Now let’s assume you and your employees have moved past the nostalgia of your first system and are willing to implement new software. Unfortunately, there’s something else holding you back. There are instances where businesses have had negative experiences in the past implementing software, making them very reluctant to do so again. In this case, owners become comfortable with sticking with the status-quo and maintaining their introductory software. It’s incredibly easy to be discouraged by one of these negative experiences, but you can’t let it deter you from ever considering new software again. Despite any contempt you may hold toward software implementations, learn from these experiences and try not to make history repeat itself. In these types of situations, you want to make sure you find not only the right software, but also the right software vendor who holds an acute interest in helping to grow your business.

You don't have the time to find a new system. 

This is another difficulty many business owners run into when attempting to replace QuickBooks or other introductory software. Many small business owners are tasked with wearing many different hats in the company. Sometimes they are part of the sales, accounting, and marketing departments and a lot of the time all at once. Now they must add ‘software search committee’ to that list. Unfortunately, searching for a new software system does not take precedent compared to the countless other daily tasks that a business owner must manage. Dedicating an ample amount of time to a software search could sometimes be the hardest – but most vital - part of any search.

There a number of different factors in play when you start to think about upgrading software. You have a system that employees feel favorable towards, you may have had a negative experience in the past, and to top it all off, you have very little time. The easy route would be to renew you license and continue on the same business trajectory you’re currently on. But as a business savvy entrepreneur, you understand that in order to grow the business new software is a must and introductory software just won’t cut it anymore.

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