Document Management Integration

Blue Link seamlessly integrates with The Document Management System DocuWare, where you can store files and easily index invoices. Transcription 0:00-0:17 DocuWare a powerful document management and indexing system that integrates seamlessly with Blue link. Let’s take a look at how it integrates with accounts payable and vendors in Blue link. 0:18-0:45 We have a … Read more

Advanced Excel Features


This video walks you through multiple advanced Excel functions that any business owner can use to increase efficiencies when analyzing data.

Using Blue Link to Track Costs, Revenues and Profits


This ERP demo video shows you how to track costs, revenues and profits associated with a job using Blue Link’s ERP software. The example used in this video is attending a tradeshow and the associated costs and revenues.

Financial Report Writer – Excel Add-in


Learn how to easily create, edit and share financial reports, such as Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets with Blue Link’s Financial Report Writer tool.

Sales Order Entry – Tips to Increase Productivity


Want to learn how to be more productive entering Sales Orders in Blue Link? This ERP demo video walks you through tips and tricks for using Blue Link’s Sales Order entry tools including recurring Sales Orders.

Online Order Portal – CSOS


Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP software and fully integrated Online Order Portal and CSOS functionality.

Pharma ERP – Overview


Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP to help maintain compliance with the DSCSA, DEA and other regulatory bodies.

ERP Productivity Tips


We share some inside tips to learn the best productivity tricks with Blue Link ERP to improve your business processes.