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Why Accounting ERP Software Training is so Important

There is a reason that training is one of the most costly aspects of software implementations, namely that it’s also one of the most important aspects.  When upgrading to a sophisticated accounting ERP system from introductory software such as [...]
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Food Distribution Software: What to Look For

This post outlines specific functionality that one should reasonably expect from Food Distribution Software. The food distribution industry is very unique in a number of different ways. With numerous standards and regulations set by governing bodie[...]
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Moving Checklist: Office Move

Guest Post by: Samantha Hornby Blue Link ERP recently moved office locations and for anyone else who has ever moved locations, I think you will agree that it is not an easy exercise. Luckily for us, we were only moving a couple of clicks down the r[...]
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Front-end Appearance and Back-end eCommerce Integration Define the Online Shopping Experience

In recent years, the ever-growing popularity of eCommerce has continued to soar. As a result, both emerging businesses and older enterprises (that have traditionally stayed away from online sales channels) are finding themselves exploring this new avenu[...]
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4 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Distribution ERP Software

As a small business owner it is inevitable that some of your time will be spent putting out fires, and dealing with issues as they arise on a daily basis.  For wholesale distribution companies this may include: time spent searching through various system[...]
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4 Benefits of Optimized Reporting and Analytics in an Organization

Living in the information age, the success and longevity of a business depends largely on how it is able to collect, process and interpret data from a multitude of sources, including one’s own inventory and accounting ERP software. Effective reporting a[...]
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5 Software Features to Run a Successful Omni-Channel Distribution Business

Omni-channel retailing is exactly as it sounds – a business model in which a company offers its products and services through multiple sales channels including: on-line, bricks and mortar, showrooms, trade-shows, mobile devices, print catalogues, etc. T[...]
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The Logic behind ERP Software Implementation Timeframes

As a general rule, there are differences in software implementation time-frames, dependent on the tier or type of software being implemented. When it comes to inventory and accounting ERP software, Tier 1 or Introductory Systems (such as QuickBooks), usu[...]
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Hosted ERP Software helps when moving premises

In this brief post, I want to share a quick thought. We’re frequently asked which deployment method is better for ERP Software – hosted/cloud or on-premise. Personally, I’m agnostic on this, as it really depends on a number of factors, a[...]
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5 Benefits of ERP Software

ERP software is designed to manage all aspects of a company’s operations, and includes tools for inventory management, order entry and processing, accounting, warehouse management and more.  ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is typica[...]
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