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Managing Multiple Companies with Wholesale ERP Software

There are many factors to consider when you evaluate wholesale ERP software for your company, such as functionality, on-going support, industry experience, costs and deployment method.  If you have an ownership stake in more than one company, another imp[...]
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3 Points of Comparison for Selecting the Right Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

As with starting any business, when starting a wholesale distribution company one of the most important considerations is the choice of what software to implement in order to manage your inventory, accounting and sales.  When first starting out – w[...]
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The Benefits of ERP Software with CRM Functionality

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be very helpful to a company’s sales and marketing team in driving sales growth. Tools that enable a team to track leads and prospects through a comprehensive sales cycle can help ensure they don’t allo[...]
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Stop Comparing ERP Software to Introductory Software

It can be easy to get caught up in a game of comparisons when searching for new software.  And in some situations, it is very important to compare different solutions side by side, especially when it comes to things like data migration, implementation co[...]
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Transitioning from Legacy Business Management Software to Modern ERP

There are many reasons businesses decide to upgrade their existing technology and business management software systems. To name a few: software companies stop supporting legacy operating systems (think Windows XP), new technology and opportunities become [...]
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Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Software to Employees

Inherent in its name, Enterprise Software is a platform that will affect all aspects of a business. If you decide your company needs a fully integrated solution, the software selected will undoubtedly impact the sales, accounting, warehouse and operations[...]

Cash and Carry Business Software

Photo courtesy of our friends and customer, A1 Cash and Carry.  In contrast to traditional retail stores, cash and carry businesses operate as more of a wholesale distribution business, and typically cater strictly to other businesses (B2B custome[...]
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Simplest Way to Maximize Return on ERP Software Investment

When investigating a possible ERP Software purchase, some companies try to use the anticipated return on investment (“ROI”) as a tool to justify the project, select a vendor, and / or measure the project’s success. One sees this more wit[...]
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Remote Access to Software – ERP on the Go

If your business has sales reps that travel on a regular basis, these reps may find themselves at a customer’s location in need of access to information about that customer’s history, pricing and up-to-date inventory availability. These reps may also [...]
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RDP and the Cloud

What is RDP? RDP stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol”. Sounds complex, but it’s not. It’s a Microsoft licensed technology that’s available for a large range of computers, tablets and other devices, including most Windows and [...]
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