Exploring File Management Programs like DocuWare

Filing cabinets and printers worldwide sit unused and collecting dust. Gone are the days of needing binders full of documents, organized by color tabs and date. Physical files are a thing of the past, especially now as a large percentage of the workforce has transitioned to working from home. One thing that becomes immediately apparent when you no longer work in an office, is that printing and signing a document to hand to someone really doesn’t work. So, what is the solution to that? Well, good thing it is the year 2020, and there is a long list of file management programs, commonly known as electronic document management software, that are worth taking a look at, with some that are more worthwhile than others – ahem, DocuWare.

Many people that are making the leap from physical files to online file management programs probably don’t know exactly where to look. There are so many different file management programs that it really makes the search difficult, especially when most of them are marketed the exact same way. You may end up taking a look at Google Drive, a powerful and useful tool. Or maybe, you’ll end up taking a look at Dropbox, a great file hosting service. After a long while of searching, you will most likely have compiled a nice little list of different options, all that will be viable solutions. You wouldn’t be wrong to use any of them.

At Blue Link, we’ve partnered with DocuWare for our electronic document management software needs. After careful research, we found that DocuWare provided the best value for our customers based on their workflow and file management requirements. Many of our customers use DocuWare for managing files associated with inventory items, employee expense tracking and automated workflows for specific processes such as Accounts Payable. With DocuWare, you are given extreme flexibility when it comes to finding your uploaded files, eliminating any errors that can potentially come with having a manual filing system, and giving you instant access to whatever files you need. One way that we use DocuWare at Blue Link is for handling expenses, and DocuWare has a very intuitive feature when uploading files, as DocuWare uses machine learning to detect the taxes and company name, and is able to file accordingly based on relevant data. The best part is it is all done automatically, the system just works.

Recently, Blue Link was approached by one of our customers, Nuovo Parts, to assist them with an audit, so of course, we pointed them to DocuWare. They required a place to store all their documents digitally, with the ability to drill down into specific details, rather than having everything all over the place. In the past, doing an audit was time consuming as manually tracking documents is prone to human error and using local computer files can be time-consuming with limited search capabilities. DocuWare made the audit extremely smooth, as they provided the auditor with access to DocuWare, and he was able to have a complete run down of all invoices and required files. It made his audit easier, and it let the team at Nuovo Parts keep calm, as DocuWare handled all the stressful work for them. Tom from Nuovo even stated, “Personally, I see more benefits from DocuWare. Especially from an accounting perspective, it is much easier and handier.” So after a successful audit, they are happy with the choice to use DocuWare, and will gladly continue using it.

Blue Link’s all-in-one business management software includes complete two-way integration with DocuWare.  The integration between Blue Link and DocuWare allows users to quickly store, index, search, display, download, retrieve, edit and integrate documents and create automated workflows to help your business operate in a paperless environment. Contact us today to learn more.