HDA Webinars and ARCOS Reporting

During the week of April 14th, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) held a free Distribution Management Webinar Series to present some of the sessions that were scheduled for this year’s 2020 HDA Distribution Management Conference but canceled due to COVID-19. The series of 9 webinars educated participants and introduced them to a wide range of topics online instead of in-person, as the DMC was canceled due to COVID-19. These webinars brought up some very interesting ideas and raised some very good points on the current struggles the industry is facing due to the virus. A long list of topics including a DSCSA FDA Activity Update, Saleable Returns Verification Industry Update and a Controlled Substance Legal Panel were presented.

These HDA Webinars are a very valuable tool, and a great way to stay up to date and informed on important aspects of the industry, and will be available online for your viewing pleasure on April 24th, 2020. Plus, if you’re interested in finding out more, you can browse their website for additional webinars that are taking place during the first week of May.

As everyone in the industry is aware, there are many different and important factors to keep track of as changes brought forth by the virus come into effect, so it is good to be informed on those by an industry professional. So, with the HDA giving the opportunity, it was definitely worthwhile to take part.

The HDA Webinars gave an update on the potential changes to the schedule of enforcement of Verification of Saleable Returns to the DSCSA - which is November by the way – and introduced some valuable information on importing pharmaceuticals and rules that might be set in place for importing to Canada from the US. Though these are just a small sample of topics discussed.

Taking a step away from the HDA, we at Blue Link have some information to share with you all regarding ARCOS Reporting. ARCOS, or Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System, is a drug-monitoring system that was developed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. ARCOS enables the government to monitor the movement of controlled substances from manufacturing through point of sale. This is something that is well known in the pharmaceutical industry and is an integral part of Blue Link ERP’s Pharma Application.

All controlled substances in Schedules I and II and all narcotic controlled substances in Schedule III must be reported to the DEA, who must receive the report by the 15th of the month or else a company can be flagged as failure to report. This reporting gives the DEA a better insight into which substances are going where, and how each company is handling its product.

By having ARCOS Reporting within Blue Link’s Pharmaceutical Distribution system, Blue Link customers are able to easily provide accurate information about the movement of controlled substances throughout the supply chain, and automatically provide the DEA and other governing agencies with the electronic paperwork that is required to do business and operate within the pharmaceutical space.

As Blue Link continues to grow, we develop new features for our software based on current and future trends within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as by learning from our knowledgeable customer base. It is important that we not only look at current trends, but that we also look to the future, so that we are always one step ahead, and are always able to give the best and most feature-rich software to our customers.

Blue Link’s pharmaceutical distribution software helps your business reduce manual work, automate processes, and remain compliant with industry regulations so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

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