How to Save Money When Shipping with 2Ship and Blue Link

Everyone knows that when it comes to importing and exporting products or even selling through an eCommerce store, one of the biggest factors to consider is the cost of shipping. Shipping can make or break a deal, can cost you a sale, or can lose you a customer for good. By not having a good handle on your shipping processes or having the capability to properly manage your shipping costs, you are losing money. Customers love to see free shipping when they order something online, but being able to offer free shipping isn’t always easy to do – how do you offer this as company and still pay your suppliers? Did you know that almost 56% of online shoppers will abandon their cart based on a large shipping cost? As a company, what are the options? How can you handle your shipping and find the right rates that suit your business, and your customers? Well, 2Ship is your answer.

Real-Time Shipping Rates
2Ship integrates directly with Blue Link’s inventory management and accounting ERP software to give you real-time shipping rates, meaning you get a live view of what the best carrier would be for each shipment, and you know how much it will cost. For example, once your employees have finished packing orders into boxes specifying size and weight, 2Ship will automatically populate a list of available carrier companies and their respective services and rates, where employees can then choose the best  option which then generates shipping labels and any associated paperwork – and just like that the product is ready to ship. All the information is available to you in an easy to understand way, which removes any time wasted trying to do manual calculations or formulas. 2Ship makes the process simple and quick.
Consolidated Shipments
Another way that companies can save money with 2Ship is the power of consolidated shipments. 2Ship’s Consolidation feature allows you to ship in the most efficient way possible, combining different shipments into one, and then assisting you in making sure those shipments go out in the easiest and cheapest way. For example, instead of shipping multiple orders from your warehouse to various locations in another city one at a time, 2Ship can help you identify if it’s more efficient (and cheaper) to first consolidate and ship all those items together to the city and then use local carriers to ship the product to customers from there. 2Ship is great at taking away a lot of stress brought on by trying to decipher optimal shipping methods, and simplifies the process, saving you time, money, and most importantly, headaches.
When it comes to shipping and rates, it is sometimes difficult to get a true understanding of what everything looks like when a company uses multiple shipping companies, but with 2Ship, all of that information is given to you on a dashboard that is really all you need to stay informed. You are able to view several different stats, like freight costs, performance, activity, and even view information broken down by service, location, or user. The information is easy to view, and easy to understand, making the decision-making process simple, and stress-free.
Plenty of businesses have their processes set in stone when it comes to shipping. Many have deals with existing distributors and feel that their rates are golden, with no need to even consider using another method. With 2Ship, your options are endless, and because of the ease of use, there’s an immediate understanding of where you can be saving money, and saving time, by potentially using a different company for certain shipments, and another for different products. Some people are happy with what they are using simply because it works, why change what isn’t broken? That is fine, but we live in an everchanging world, and every day there are new options to explore, and new opportunities to take advantage of, and 2Ship will make finding those options a whole lot easier.
For any questions about 2Ship and how it integrates with Blue Link, and how it can save you and your business money, don’t hesitate to contact us!