Life at Blue Link ERP

A soft green light comes to life, followed by a slight mechanical whirl and the smell of fresh coffee – a staple at Blue Link ERP. Friendly faces congregate in the kitchen, sampling breakfast offerings and enjoying some small talk before it’s time to get busy. There’s laughter, there’s friendship, and there is a team of individuals that know how to get the job done and are willing to go the extra mile if it means making a customer’s day. At Blue Link, our vision is to be the most valuable, important, and trusted business partner in the eyes of our customers - and this is how we accomplish that.

Several people make their walk into the boardroom for a morning meeting. They discuss upcoming changes to the software and the best ways to implement customer ideas. It’s a brief meeting, and everyone leaves feeling heard, and that their opinion matters. One small voice can make a huge impact, and that is because of Blue Link’s small size. We may not have the numbers, but we have the right people for the job, and it is because of this that we have a competitive advantage. All our services, from sales to consulting to training and so on, are performed in-house by our experts - highly trained, and highly motivated. The phone rings and a familiar voice answers - someone you’ve dealt with before and are happy to hear from. We don’t pass you off to someone new, on an endless shuffle through customer support agents.

We believe in building close relationships, not only with our clients – who we grow with and help to achieve their goals and continuously improve their software functionality, but with our team and our community.  We believe in showing support and giving back and taking part in initiatives that make a difference. Within the city, we've participate in the Sick Kids Soccer Tournament, where we raise funds and awareness for children with cancer, and we also work with local branches of Goodwill and other charities to donate to those in need. Outside of this, we also contribute on a larger scale to the WWF and cultural funds in South Africa. We believe that it is important to give back to the community that you are part of, and every member of Blue Link follows this belief and takes part in it.

The software team fires away dozens of lines of code and updates the board that tracks their progress on individual processes, one down and many to go. We are constantly improving our system, not only to be ahead of the curve in terms of functionality and user experience, but also to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our team listens, we take the feedback that is provided to us and use it to improve in whatever way we can. With our collaborative mentality and our desire to always improve, we constantly work to develop new ways to enhance the software and make the system as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

A space bar rattles as someone types away, working on the latest and greatest post for the blog, which will be posted by week’s end. This is where you can find information about Blue Link and related software. We do what we can do keep people informed, and to make sure that our customers - and really anyone who finds their way to our blog – gain some knowledge after browsing through our posts. We write about software, business practices, new features coming to Blue Link ERP, and so much more. This is a great source of information, and with new posts every week there’s always something to read. Make sure you have your reading glasses ready.

As the sun begins to set, and the coffee pot runs dry, the people of Blue Link make their way out the door. We believe in hard work, but nothing is better after a long day than getting home to your family. Family is important to us, and we try our best to make Blue Link feel like a tight-knit family unit. We are free to share ideas and have open discussions, we share meals and birthdays, and we grow as a team. This helps Blue Link ERP be the best team around, and this allows us to be the most valuable, important, and trusted business partner in the eyes of all our customers.

This is Life at Blue Link ERP, and we hope you follow us on our journey.

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