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Advanced Excel Functions for Small Business Owners

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool – a simple workbook with many possibilities. It’s used in businesses, schools and is one of the original tools for entering and analyzing data. As a small business, it might seem like a good idea to track all yo[...]
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Break-up with Spreadsheets for Accounting and Inventory Software

Small to medium size businesses are becoming more confident in their ability to compete against larger competitors thanks to new technology helping to level the playing field. Chatbots, machine learning, AI and voice command tools are providing opportunit[...]
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The Dangers of Using Excel for Inventory Management

We speak with many prospects who are using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a way to manage their inventory and other areas of their business, most often because they lack more sophisticated software systems.  This is not uncommon and can work for very sm[...]
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Excel For Inventory Management?

I recently visited a company that uses Excel for inventory management which is not unusual as many small businesses use Excel to manage areas of business for which they do not have a purpose-built system. But this visit reminded me how dangerous it can be[...]
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Life’s a Slice(r) with Excel 2010

As discussed in a previous post, Excel Pivot Tables are powerful tools for analyzing and reporting on data from your accounting software package, and other business data sources. Starting back with Office 2010, Excel released a new feature that takes Pi[...]
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How to Use Excel Pivot Tables with ERP Software

**Updated May 31, 2018.  My previous post outlined the perils of using Excel as an inventory management tool. This time let’s look at one of the most powerful and appropriate business uses of Excel – the Pivot Table report. In my experi[...]
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