The Benefits of Blue Link

The sun peaks over the horizon, and your alarm blares. You turn over, staying in bed as long as possible, dreading the day ahead. Work is a slog, and no matter what you do to make the process easier, everything comes crashing down. The reports are full of errors, the system always crashes, half the day is spent troubleshooting and it’s affecting your business. What’s the fix? What will make your life easier? Well, we have an answer, and that answer is Blue Link.

You get to work and you do some quick research, a simple Google search for “ERP”. There are too many results and it’s getting hard to navigate. Replacing your entire system isn’t the easiest or quickest process, so you try to spend a significant amount of time researching. Eventually, you land on Blue Link ERP – and you’re in the right place.

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one inventory management and accounting system that accommodates a variety of industries and unique business needs. Our software is purpose-built for wholesale and distribution with additional features and components for retail and eCommerce operations. Blue Link eliminates the need to manage multiple, standalone solutions, therefore, eliminating double-entry and the errors associated with manual data entry, helping your business become as efficient as possible.

You’re impressed by what you’re hearing. No more errors? No more manual entry? Automatic reports? All of this sounds like a lifesaver. You’re right. It is. Your business processes will be simplified, and you’ll have more time to dedicate to aspects of the business that really matter – but this isn’t enough, let’s hear from someone who made the switch.

“My company, Carr McLean, had to move from an in house Unix ERP system due to the retirement of the only programmer for the software. From talking to other companies that have switched ERP systems we were all very nervous about the transition risks. Met the Blue link ERP at DX3 and quickly found them to be friendly and helpful. Before deciding on which software to choose we were able to meet with Mark, Darren, and Jordan who really made us feel like we made the right decision. We worked with Mike on our transition. He could not have fit in better with our company. Even during the most stressful times, he brought a great attitude and humour that relieved a lot of the anxiety we had switching systems. Since the initial implementation with a quick email, the support staff has always quickly helped with any questions or problems we have encountered. Blue Link has helped us improve our software automation which has increased our speed and service level. I am very confident in recommending them.” – PJ Barclay

They were in the same position as you, using an out of date software with no support, and needed to take a chance on change. They made the move, and today they’re operating better than ever, completely satisfied with their new software with Blue Link. Maybe you think it’s not enough, that you can stick it out and just keep chugging along with your current software. Maybe you’ll eventually go crazy with how frustrating it is. Maybe you’ll eventually run off into the woods just to avoid working with that system. Anything is possible. Or, you follow in the footsteps of dozens of satisfied Blue Link customers, who have had their businesses improve year over year since switching to Blue Link. Their lives are better, and their work is easier.

“After using Syspro ERP for the past 18 years, we made the painful but necessary transition to a new ERP system. After a thorough review, we decided on Blue Link Associates hosted offerings.

To say the prospect of this change evoked trepidation and anxiety for our management team would be an understatement. Having used our old ERP system for so long, we had created an enormous database of information, luckily both systems utilized SQL but the data conversion added an additional layer of apprehension...

But Darren and his team, first remotely and then over a week on-site achieved a near "flawless" conversion to their Blue Link Elite ERP platform and had us working in the new system almost immediately. This was an incredible feat only made possible through experience and knowledge, both of which I can attest they have an abundance of.

Now after six months working with the product and the Blue Link team, our only regret is that we did not make this move years ago. Over the past few months, we have been "tweaking" the product and adding customized changes that have been a real asset to our specific operations, best of all without "breaking the bank" to do so.

No matter how big or small the issue or inquiry, Blue Link's support team has been the most welcome component of this upgrade. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous, they are also "very fair" when it comes to billing for these extremely important services, they have held our hand through this entire process (and still are).

All members of the company/team are readily available and accessible which has also been of comfort during this entire process. In my 35+ years in the computer industry and as an IT Admin, their support on a daily basis had been, and by far, the most professional, competent and efficient process that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Lastly, the software... It is without hesitation (or any type of influence) that we can recommend to anyone in the market for a robust & powerful ERP system with "old school support from people who truly care", that they give Blue Link Associates a call.” – Ross.

Blue Link customers are always satisfied, and we always try to do our best in making sure our customers are happy and that everything is working beyond expectation. So, pick up the phone, make the call. Let’s make things easier for you – you deserve it.

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