Understanding Sales Reports with Blue Link

Within the past month or so, we have been taking some time to highlight different reporting features that Blue Link provides to help you run your business effectively and efficiently. First, we covered the different types of Accounting Reports that Blue Link ERP is capable of offering, then we took a deep dive into Blue Link’s Operations Management and the different tools and reports that are available at your fingertips. Hopefully, by now you have a basic understanding of what is possible with Blue Link, and how upgrading from an entry-level software can put you and your business miles ahead of the competition. So for today, we are going to go over Blue Link ERP’s Sales Reports and Dashboards. The type of sales reports that you are able to generate with ease in Blue Link provide a lot of detail and give you a much more in-depth look at your business and a better understanding of how your business operates.

When it comes to sales reports and sales dashboards, Blue Link ERP provides extremely detailed reports and information that can greatly benefit you when it comes to making business decisions and changing the way you run your business. We believe that in order to make smart decisions, you should have the information and the facts to back those decisions up, and with Blue Link’s reporting tools you are able to access that information with ease. Not only does Blue Link have detailed reports and more technical reports, but Blue Link also comes packed with many basic reports such as Top Inventory Sales, which showcases your business’ top-selling items by dollars and quantity, as well as Sales by Customer at a summary level or a detail level. These built-in and easy-to-access reports give you a lot of flexibility right out of the gate, and while it may seem like a lot, you really are just scratching the surface of what Blue Link is able to provide.

Another incredibly useful tool that Blue Link ERP provides is dashboards. With Blue Link’s customizable Sales Dashboard, you are able to view several different important pieces of information at a glance on one screen that you can then drill down on and fully get down to the detailed level with a wide range of information. The Sales Dashboard is an incredibly useful tool and also gives you the ability to view different reports on sales, such as Sales Margin by Customer comparing the current year to the previous year, and giving you a good look at what has changed for your business and which items are flying off the shelf. Again, we want to be able to provide you with information easily, and broken down in a way that it is easy to read and understand, helping you get the information you need and make decisions quickly and efficiently. Blue Link also provides other useful reports, such as Booked Sales Reports, which combines both open sales orders and posted invoices based on when the order was actually booked and can show you different levels of detail based on how much information you want to see. We like to give you plenty of options, because the more options you have with your information, the better you can use that information to help run your business. We also give you the ability to slice and dice your data and your sales information interactively in Excel, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to analyzing your orders and processes. This type of functionality is not something you would normally find in entry-level software, which may be another reason for you to leave the old stuff behind and make a leap to something more powerful – Blue Link, for example.

Something that many of you may not realize is the vast difference between entry-level software and a true ERP. With entry-level software, you are able to get your work done, but under certain constraints that may not seem apparent to you at the time, but will ultimately reveal themselves once your business begins to grow and expand. With a real ERP system like Blue Link, you are able to access information at a highly detailed level, and the number of sophisticated reports that are available to you is truly astounding. For example, with some systems you may only be able to view basic reports and have them shown to you in one way, whereas with Blue Link you are given plenty of options - like being able to choose from a long list of reports that can be delivered to you through email to specific users, or be sent reports daily, weekly or even hourly. As a business owner, you should be able to view your reports and analyze your information as you see fit, and with Blue Link you can. With so many possibilities of choices and options, you are able to make better decisions as a business owner and company, and you are able to use the information in the best possible way to help your business operate and grow. Blue Link gives you options with reporting and dashboards - something that differentiates true ERP from entry-level software.

For a quick overview of Blue Link’s Sale Reports and Sales Dashboards in action, a look at the video below, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions – we’re always happy to help.