World Wildlife Day 2020

Earth is our home, and it is the only home we’ve got, so we must do what we can to save it. World Wildlife Day reminds us that there is an urgency when it comes to preservation and the fight against climate change. Our time to act is now, and every moment we have is precious, and we must treat it as such. Humans have been the cause of massive environmental loss and population reduction, so now we must fix it.

The same thought crosses through all of our heads, “if this problem is so massive, then what can one person do to fix it?”, and you’re right, one person can’t. This problem requires all of us to do our part, to join together and make the right choices that result in positive change - and adjusting our habits so that we can contribute something good to the world. We are at a point where even the smallest bit of change can have an impact. So, where do you start? Easy. At Blue Link, we have completely eliminated plastic waste, which means no more single-use plastics, no plastic bottles, no plastic bags, nothing that can’t be recycled. You can follow this example by switching to a reusable water bottle or dropping plastic shopping bags for a reusable shopping basket. It might not seem like much, but you are helping. It really is that easy to start making a difference.

Over the past 40 years, around 60% of global wildlife populations have been lost. A staggering number. The cause? Us. It hasn’t been our intention, but it is the direct result of our actions and the changes we have made to the environment. Within the past few years, we have lost the West African Black Rhino, the Baiji White Dolphin, the Pyrenean Ibex, the Tasmanian Devil, and that’s not even scratching the surface of what else has been lost. These animals have gone extinct, not due to natural selection, but due to environment loss and poaching. So what can be done to prevent more animals from being lost? There are many things that should be done, but the easiest thing for you to do is not support companies that are directly responsible for destroying these environments and changing your diet. Think about how much meat you consume on a weekly basis and try to reduce that number. Go vegan a few days a week, or try being a vegetarian. The food culture has changed to allow plenty of options with any type of diet, so a vegan diet no longer consists of only leaves, but a wide range of food. Experiment. Try something new, you might like it.

Water is our greatest resource, and it is home to millions of forms of life and gives life to billions more. Every hour over 900 tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans worldwide, and is greatly affecting sea life and the animals and species that thrive there. We need water to live, so why are we poisoning our greatest resource? Over the last 10 years, we have produced more plastic than during the entire last century, and most of that plastic ends up not being recycled, and if it doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere, it ends up in the ocean. We need to stop this and act quickly to clean up the waters of our world. How can you help? Stop using plastics, even if they are recyclable, it’s better to just stop using them altogether. That means no plastic water bottles, no plastic bags, no plastic cups. Be like us here at Blue Link and remove plastic from your life. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference.

World Wildlife Day presents us with an opportunity to take a better look at the world we live in. The animals that live among us, and the changes we’ve made to the world. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature, to find some peace in the beauty of earth. We don’t often spend the time to admire just how amazing nature is, and all the incredible things that are part of it. We’re too busy with our phones and our work and everything else that runs through our heads, but a moment in nature can feel like a burden has been lifted. A minute of peace and quiet on a short hike can do wonders for your mind. Reconnect. Remember that the earth is our home, and it is our job to protect it.

Every day we have the chance to make a change. To decide to walk to the store instead of driving, to throw that wrapper in the garbage instead of littering, to eat locally grown produce instead of supporting a polluting megacorporation. Every day you have dozens of choices to make, and no matter how small, they all have an impact, so make sure it’s a positive one. Make your choice one that will make this world a better place, because it’s all we’ve got.

At Blue Link, we try to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, and to make the world a better place. Some of the things we do are small, but that’s the point, because even the smallest things matter, and some of the things we do have a wider reach and spread to our customers too. With Blue Link, our built-in support of handheld scanners reduces the use of pick slips in warehouses, and DocuWare eliminates the need to print and mail documents resulting in less paper waste. Our cloud-based software eliminates the need for in-house servers, reducing power use and minimizing e-waste. Plus, our partnership with 2Ship allows our customers to consolidate their shipping which can not only save them money but reduce the number of shipments, meaning fewer trucks on the road and fewer emissions being sent into the atmosphere. So, try something new, change your diet, change your habits, recycle, clean up a park, take a walk through nature. Everything counts, and everything helps.