3 Common Employee Complaints During ERP Training

Implementing ERP software into your business is an impressive milestone that highlights the fact that a business is experiencing favorable growth and is primed for future success. If only all your employees felt this way. No matter how helpful you deem ER[...]

Moving from Legacy On-Premises ERP to Cloud ERP

For many companies, deciding to implement a new ERP software stems from company growth and a lack of integrated software. However for those businesses that have been around longer, the need may stem from using outdated legacy systems.  In certain instanc[...]

A New Year Means a New ERP Software Search

Now that the champagne has been polished off and you’ve rung in the New Year, it’s time to make your return to the office and attempt to shake the holidays from your mind. As your business returns to its normal operating activities, you may start to r[...]

Simplest Way to Maximize Return on ERP Software Investment

When investigating a possible ERP Software purchase, some companies try to use the anticipated return on investment (“ROI”) as a tool to justify the project, select a vendor, and / or measure the project’s success. One sees this more wit[...]

The Dangers of Using Excel for Inventory Management

We speak with many prospects who are using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a way to manage their inventory and other areas of their business, most often because they lack more sophisticated software systems.  This is not uncommon and can work for very s[...]

Software Search: A Dating Game

“The customer is always right” is one of those old school sayings that was used when a sales rep was trying to get a customer to buy their product. This sales tactic is probably still used in some industries but would not work where there is a complex[...]

Blue Link Food Wholesale Software Makes Top 100 List

For the third year in a row, Blue Link Software has been included in Food Logistics’ Top 100 Software and Technology Providers list! The annual list, which is in its 12th year, is designed to recognize systems that help food and beverage manufact[...]

Remote Access to Software – ERP on the Go

If your business has sales reps that travel on a regular basis, these reps may find themselves at a customer’s location in need of access to information about that customer’s history, pricing and up-to-date inventory availability. These reps may also [...]

RDP and the Cloud

What is RDP? RDP stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol”. Sounds complex, but it’s not. It’s a Microsoft licensed technology that’s available for a large range of computers, tablets and other devices, including most Windows and [...]

What is ERP?

When starting a wholesale distribution company, one of the most important considerations to make is what (if any) business management software is necessary.  For most small companies, the first software purchase is made in order to manage the company’s[...]