3 Great Sources of Business Advice

Mark Canes

The internet is stuffed to the point of bursting with business advice. These days, the problem is not finding advice but rather sifting through the vast amount of information available. To make it easier to find valuable information, I thought I would outline several sources of business advice related to the wholesale/distribution/retail industry. In each of their respective areas, we found these blogs to be particularly useful.

  1. 1.       WholesaleAce

WholesaleAce.com is a wholesaler with a large variety of items for sale. They have a number of great blog posts regarding retail and wholesale operations. Learn how to survive the economic downturn, buying strategy and more. This blog is not software-oriented so is useful from a non-software point of view as well.

  1. 2.       Demac Media

Demac media “designs, develops and delivers” eCommerce solutions. That being said, they have great experience in the eCommerce arena. To find some of their best posts on eCommerce you may have to dig through to some of their older posts but the advice is invaluable.

  1. 3.       Virtual Logistics

Virtual logistics specializes in data integration and their blog focuses on how to avoid some costly mistakes in this regard. Learn how to keep your data costs low and good business practices.

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EzineArticles.com is a robust repository of articles written by professionals on a variety of topics. Content that is submitted is verified that it is professional in nature and not “salesy”. Be sure to check out my Profile for articles posted there