Accounting Reports Every ERP System Needs

There is a massive range of software that is available for companies to use, and plenty start out with entry-level software with basic accounting and financials as a way to save money and not be overwhelmed with options. Sometimes it really is better to just go with something basic with minimal fuss just to start things off, and find the perfect solution that fits your needs down the line. Though, as you and your company progress with entry-level software, everyone always seems to end up running into the same problem - that you aren’t given enough information. You need the details, the minute-by-minute and real-time updates, breakdowns, and graphs, you need to be able to analyze data quickly and efficiently so that you can grow and streamline operations as you expand. This isn’t always possible with entry-level software, so you have to look elsewhere to get the information you need. That’s where Blue Link ERP comes in.

Blue Link ERP provides every report you could possibly need for analyzing your business. Accounting reports, sales reports, operations reports, you name it. In order to be able to properly manage your business, and have the kind of detailed information required to make big decisions about inventory, sales, or anything else, it is necessary that you have the correct data to back it up. Simply having such a wide range of reporting features built into the software places Blue Link ERP miles ahead of any entry-level software, and will become very apparent that those features are something that any business will benefit from having.

Blue Link not only includes a fantastically detailed Financial Dashboard that displays a customized overview of your reports at a glance, but it also allows you to drill down on a long list of reports to give you the specific details you require. For example, Blue Link includes Customer or Vendor Aging Reports in summary or detail, current or retroactive, as well as more operational reports such as Vendor Payment Requirement Reports, and Deposit History Reports – a report used to review deposits processed during a specific time period. These are reports that you won’t find in basic software, and especially not with this level of detail and information. Having the right information in front of you will greatly benefit you and your company, and is necessary to grow and expand your operations.

Another feature of Blue Link is the ability to view the General Ledger Trial Balance in summary or detail to ensure the trial balance actually balances as it should. Also, when it comes time to produce financial statements, the Blue Link Financial Report Writer Excel Add-in gives you unlimited flexibility to generate statements using your real-time financial data.  For the average user, these and some of the other available tools and reports might not seem like something that stands out, but in the hands of someone with the right training and knowledge, these reports can be used to produce incredible results.

For a quick overview of what type of Accounting Reports are included with Blue Link, take a look at the video below, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions – we’re happy to help.

Blue Link Demo Video: Accounting Reports