Accounting Software Bloopers

Mark Canes

Yes, folks, even us dull, boring accounting types enjoy the amusing gaffe, the "trip over your own feet" type of miscue. While doing some research online, I came across a number of very amusing articles on accounting software (or ERP software) -  most of which I suspect result from an injudicious use of online translation services. Here are a few choice selections - I've not linked to the original posts to avoid embarrassing the supposed authors.

"Companies are dilating their business with ERP..."

"ERP is hastily replacing reluctant technologies, whacking almost all small and mid size companies to come out of their shell."

"Information flow across boundaries experiences least viscosity..."

"The book is perhaps the most basic services by entrepreneurs."

"If the plant is working stations, a computer and accounting software was done using, it says 'On-site records.'"

"New songs, these issues are not well understood, including the software and real-life accounts."

Interestingly, some of the sites on which these gems were located seem to contain a mish-mash of articles, some coherent and well-written, and others apparently contracted out in some alien language.

I hope you enjoyed this brief flow of viscous songs, and trust this post did not whack your company's shell!