Alphabet Soup – 2 Servings

Mark Canes

Serving 1: BI for SME

If you're interested in Business Intelligence for the Small / Medium-sized Enterprise, please read my article in the September issue of CAmagazine, the official publication of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

If you’re NOT interested, why not click on the link anyway? It won’t hurt (promise), and if the page gets a large enough number of hits, they may even invite me back again.

For the online article please click  here.

*Please note that this post has been updated as the above article is no longer accessible.  For more information on BI for the SME, please visit our blog.

Serving 2: FCMA

Beth Crawford is the controller for Toppits Foods Ltd., located in Vaughan, Ontario.  I interviewed her for the above article in which she is referred to as a CMA.

Beth was recently awarded with the Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada (FCMA) designation.  This is the highest honour granted by CMA Canada and is awarded to CMAs who demonstrate excellence in management accounting, a commitment to the CMA designation and their professional organization, and a civic-mindedness that enriches their community.

Beth is one of the most astute people I’ve worked with, and I’m delighted to congratulate her in attaining this very well-deserved recognition.