Blue Link Food Distribution Software Named to Food Logistics’ 2018 FL100 Top Software Providers List

Blue Link ERP make Food Logistic's FL100 List

Blue Link Food Distribution Software is named to Food Logistics’ 2018 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers List for the sixth year! [Press Release] Vaughan, Ontario. (December 17, 2018) – Blue Link Food Distribution Software, a  leader in all-in-one B2B ERP software, announced today that it has been recognized by Food Logistics for the sixth year to its 2018 FL100+ Top … Read more

Top ERP Software Trends for 2019: Is it Time for a Digital Transformation?

EPR software trends for 2019

Hot cocoa, twinkling lights, holiday parties and…year-end budgeting for 2019? It may be the holiday season but for many wholesale distribution businesses, the end of the year is an opportune time to evaluate what went well, how the business has grown in the past year… and most importantly, evaluate what’s not working. If you’re like most businesses, technology, … Read more

Manual Reports vs. Report Automation & Scheduling Tools

Blue Link Report Automation and Scheduling- ARM

Ever have that dream where you are running but getting nowhere? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, this feeling can be the same when it comes to business reporting. Trying to “run” fast by manually extracting the latest data, plugging it into countless spreadsheets, and then making sure the right people have access to the information, only to repeat the process all … Read more

How Unhappy Customers Can Benefit Your Wholesale Distribution Business

Learning from Unhappy Customers - Blue Link ERP Software

Unhappy customers are inevitable when it comes to your wholesale distribution business…think about how many times you have been one yourself. It’s bound to happen and it’s a natural reaction to take negative feedback to heart. However, before you go into defense mode and potentially make the issue worse, the old saying “when life hands you lemons….” … Read more

Join Blue Link at HDA’s Traceability Seminar and Get Your Pharmaceutical Regulations Questions Answered!

HDA Traceability Seminar - Join Blue Link at Table 23

Blue Link will be sponsoring and exhibiting at The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA’s) 2018 Traceability Seminar for the second time on October 17th to the 19th in Washington, DC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HDA, it is a national organization representing primary pharmaceutical distributors with a goal to “create and exchange industry knowledge and best … Read more

The Importance of Evaluating the People Behind ERP Software [Meet the Blue Link Team]

Meet the Blue Link ERP Software Team

Investing in new ERP software and the plethora of make-it or break-it decisions that come with the search process is a huge undertaking for any wholesale distribution business, regardless of size or budget. With so much time and resources dedicated to the project, you want to ensure that the ERP software vendor you choose will be with your business … Read more

7 Repetitive Tasks Your Competitors are Automating with Business Management Software

Automate repetitive tasks with Business Management Software

We all have some tasks in our workday that we dread doing. Most of the time, these to-dos are often repetitive, mundane and simply boring work that we can’t help but procrastinate on or rush through simply to get it off our plate. This costs your wholesale distribution business money – the time and effort employees spend on … Read more

Do you Really Need that Report? 5 Questions to ask Yourself Before Creating a Report with Wholesale Software

Reporting and Analytics in Wholesale Software

Running and maintaining periodic reports for your wholesale distribution business is pivotal in making strategic decisions on various aspects of your organization. Looking at the right data helps businesses determine things like the quantity of product to reorder, when to place items on sale/discount or eliminate, and even helps in creating specialized campaigns that target various levels of customers based on … Read more

Managing Costing Methods with Blue Link Distribution Accounting Software [FIFO and Average Cost]

Inventory Cost Methods

Any wholesale distribution business that buys and sells inventory knows the importance of assigning the right dollar value to the inventory items – especially in an industry where large quantities of product are sold at a time. Inventory costing methods can vary from business to business depending on the unique needs of the company. In … Read more