Is Your Wholesale Distribution ERP Software Adaptable to Changing Times?

Growing Business Online with Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

Guest Post by Laura Hudgens Wholesale distribution ERP software, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning Software, helps distribution businesses buying and selling product to better manage business processes—such as automated reporting, inventory management and even picking, packing and shipping through robust and advanced functionality. With typical features like a common transactional database and the ability to manage inventory and … Read more

Takes One to Know One – SMBs Should Look for SMB Business Management Software Vendors

Blue Link SMB ERP Software Vendor

Has your wholesale distribution business ever had to deal with a large company’s sub-par customer service? Did you have to wait for hours on end on the phone for support only to be bounced from one rep to another? Did you have to repeat information? Were they able to understand your issue and resolve it in … Read more

Cautionary Tale for non-VAWD Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors – OptumRx Revokes Extensions

VAWD Accreditation with Blue Link Pharmaceutical ERP

Many people do not know that the prescription drugs in their medicine cabinets have quite the tale to tell.  Its’ story ends with them, the consumer, a regular Joe going in to fill a prescription at a local pharmacy. The beginning of the tale? Well, that’s slightly more complicated. You know as a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor … Read more

Take Control of Your Business With Executive Dashboards – Wholesale Distribution Software

Executive Dashboard Blue Link ERP Software

An executive dashboard is a powerful tool for the modern wholesale distribution business owner. A well-designed dashboard can quickly provide powerful insight into business health including summaries of complicated data translated into digestible views. Dashboards offer a visual display of organizational KPIs, metrics, and data that owners and employees can analyze in mere seconds. Information … Read more

Preventing Out-Of-Stock Product Through Endless Aisle with ERP Software

Endless Aisles

Brick and click, e-Tailing, S-commerce…retail jargon is everywhere and just when you think you’ve mastered it all, a whole new group of head-scratching terms seems to pop up. As much as you may want to dismiss new lingo and focus on more important parts of your business, here’s why you should pay attention to them. A … Read more

The Biggest Misconceptions About Cloud-Based ERP Software

Cloud ERP Software Blue Link

Guest Post by Lisa C. Dunn Cloud technology has certainly gained popularity over the last decade with more and more businesses moving away from traditional software models to the modern internet realm. However,  many myths and misperceptions continue to surround Cloud-Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. For many businesses, it seems daunting to hop on … Read more

How A Warehouse Management System Helped This Company Go From Processing 30 Orders a Day to 100

Kroeger and Blue Link's WMS

There are many reasons why a small business would want to implement a warehouse management system. Some examples include an increase in order volume, picking errors when dealing with similar products and manual processes, and wasted time managing inventory in a warehouse that is not organized by bin and shelf location. Whatever the reason may be, … Read more

Don’t Dismiss These Not-So-Obvious Pharmaceutical Distribution Software Features

Additional Pharmaceutical Distribution Software Functionality

When pharmaceutical distributors search for new software, there are a few common features that are at the top of their checklist. These features include inventory management, lot tracking/traceability, EDI integration and frequently landed cost functionality. These features all work together to automate processes and increase transparency to help achieve various pharmaceutical industry compliance requirements set by … Read more

Why Data Center Features are Important When Searching for Wholesale ERP Software

Blue Link Data Center Tier 3 Standards

“What are your data center features?” Surprisingly, this type of question rarely gets asked of our Sales Team by those looking for new Wholesale ERP Software. I say surprisingly because the data center is one of the most critical parts of a business’ success, and its efficacy and security directly impacts the daily operations of your business … Read more

Couldn’t attend Dx3 2018? We’ve Got You Covered [Recap & Video]

Blue Link ERP's Dx3 Tech Talk Presentation

Thousands of tech and digital marketing aficionados flocked to the Metro Toronto Convention Center over the past couple days (March 7-8) for this year’s buzzed-about Dx3 Conference. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the two day expo is Canada’s largest digital marketing and retail event. Blue Link ERP exhibited at the show for the third year in a row. Browsing the … Read more