Blog Interrupted by World Cup 2010

Mark Canes

Johannesburg, South Africa - 3 days after the World Cup Final. I sit here shivering in the (not heated) house, the inventory management software business I work in is so far away - and so close at hand.

I've been in South Africa for over 2 weeks now, and been blown away (in a completely positive way) by just about everything I've seen and experienced. Arriving at O. R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg was the perfect start - the most impressive airport arrival experience. The stadia I visited, the spirit, the people, the whole experience - just perfect. To all those doomsayers who predicted disaster, especially those I heard on CFRB talk radio in Toronto, I say time to stand up and apologize - you were just plain wrong.

I've also had no problem keeping in close touch with everything at work. High speed Internet was readily available via cellular providers, leaving me no excuse for neglecting this blog for so long - for that I plead the sheer absorbtion of the World Cup experience here in South Africa.

This is the 3rd World Cup I've experienced, and it's by some measure the best in most respects - and the vuvuzelas really did add to the experience.

Well done, South Africa!