Blue Link Associates Celebrates 25 Years of ERP Software Innovation!

Ilmie Sham Ku

Vaughan, ON- June 20, 2017- Blue Link Associates is proud to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. This year marks our 25th year in service. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners for being a valuable part of our story and contributing to our success. Not only have they made us a part of their lives, but have inspired us to continue to provide  innovative inventory and accounting ERP software functionality that will help them succeed and grow profitably and efficiently. We have numerous exciting projects to come this year including a new user interface, improvements to our reporting services and mobile app and much more!

"We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our loyal employees, customers and our culture of service excellence that exists throughout the entire organization."

  -Mark Canes, Blue Link President 

Fun Facts about Blue Link

  • The company began operations with just a couple employees in 1992 and has quickly risen to one of the leading ERP software providers for small to medium size businesses in the industry.
  • Our first client is still with us today – enjoying upgrades!
  • Blue Link’s head office is located just north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.  Although we only serve businesses with head offices in North America and the Caribbean, Blue Link has software users in several countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and Russia.
  • Our team includes a mix of accountants, qualified consultants and talented software engineers that offer a unique blend of expertise. Our solutions are always designed from an end user’s business and accounting perspective.
  • We provide a complete accounting software package, encompassing both “back office” functions (like accounting and collections), and logistical / operational functions (like inventory management and billing).
  • Our software is Windows Based but accessible on both PCs and Macs & our system is easily customizable.
  • We offer both on-premises and cloud-based deployment.

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