Blue Link Makes the Top 100 Software for Food Logistics

Mark Canes

Food Logistics magazine recently published their annual list of the top 100 software and technology providers that help food and beverage manufacturers, food service distributors, and grocery retailers achieve their business goals. These goals include end-to-end visibility and collaboration, traceability, regulatory compliance, risk management, sustainability and cost containment.  Food Logistics magazine is a publication focused solely on the food and beverage supply chain, and 2012 marks the 9th edition of the annual FL100 list.

This year we are proud to note that Blue Link's Accounting and Inventory Software is included on the list.   Blue Link software provides a variety of functionality geared towards small and medium-sized wholesalers and distributors across a wide range of industries and Blue Link’s lot tracking module, used most often in the food industry, is one of our key differentiators. 

One of the most important aspects of a software system for food wholesalers and distributors is lot traceability.  The food distribution industry is closely monitored by a variety of regulatory groups, like the FDA and CFIA, in order to mitigate the risks associated with food manufacturing and distribution. Regulatory bodies are becoming increasingly involved in the supply chain, putting pressure on businesses to take a proactive approach to product recalls by implementing proper traceability software. With recent recalls such as the Alberta XL Foods beef recall and Cantaloupe recall, distributors have seen clear examples of how much damage a product recall can do to a business, and to the community at large.  By having software in place to deal with a recall, you will not only save money when dealing with a recall, but will also be able to regain consumer confidence by showing them that you are properly prepared to deal with a worst case scenario.  In order to get the best value from a traceability software system, you should ensure that it includes the following components: internal and external lot number tracking, pre-assignment of lots to facilitate FIFO methodology, and the ability to manage best before and expiry dates. This functionality helps a business reduce the costs associated with a product recall, allowing them to recall only those products affected in a cost efficient and timely manner.

The FL100 list brings much-needed recognition to software and technology companies that provide positive benefits to food and beverage manufacturers, food service distributors, and grocery retailers. It stimulates awareness of the importance of traceability, regulatory compliance, and risk management, while helping companies achieve their business goals.  Blue Link is honoured to be included on the list, and we'd like to congratulate all the other businesses that made the list as well.