Business Software: a change is not a holiday

Mark Canes

Implementing a new ERP or Business and Accounting software system is not a walk in the park. As with any systemic change, even a comparatively smooth and problem-free implementation will not be without a degree of stress and upheaval.

I was reading this interesting article on the subject of handling the change process, and in general I agree with many of the author's points. (I do however have concerns about the ease of finding a good, impartial and knowledgeable consultant, but that's a topic for a different day).

**Please note that the article above has since been moved, but this post examines some of the specific points covered.

The remaining points the author makes are very good and well presented. We see some business owners insulating themselves from the entire selection process, only to then complain after the fact that their requirements were not met. Sounds like a mission for Mindreaders Anonymous...

At the other extreme, the business owner (or management) choose an ERP solution without involving the key employees (i.e. future users) in the process. Having a new system thrust upon you without being consulted is not necessarily the best way to win you over, is it? And there's no question that employee resistance / suspicion / fear will (inadvertently) sabotage any business software implementation, no matter how appropriate the software selection process may have been.

Good article.