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Food Distribution Software: What to Look For

This post outlines specific functionality that one should reasonably expect from Food Distribution Software. The food distribution industry is very unique in a number of different ways. With numerous standards and regulations set by governing bodie[...]
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Blue Link Makes Food Logistics’ FL100 for Food Inventory Software

By Matt Picariello For over a decade, the editors of Food Logistics Magazine have published an annual list of software and technology providers that play a prominent role in the global food and beverage supply chain. With a variety of benefits rangi[...]
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Blue Link Makes the Top 100 Software for Food Logistics

Food Logistics magazine recently published their annual list of the top 100 software and technology providers that help food and beverage manufacturers, food service distributors, and grocery retailers achieve their business goals. These goals include end[...]
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Getting Serious About Food Traceability

As mentioned in a previous blog post, governments and regulatory bodies are putting more and more pressure on individual companies to take proactive measures surrounding food traceability to help manage product recalls.  Unfortunately though, it seems th[...]
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Food Traceability Software | Requirements Outline

The Food & Beverage industry is somewhat unique. Unlike durable goods, food wholesale and distribution attracts much public and official scrutiny because of the potential danger these products can pose to the public. Whether it is the FDA or CFIA, a c[...]
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Food Distribution / Wholesale ERP Software

In today’s post, we are going to discuss typical functionality you should expect from food distribution and wholesale software. Most ERP systems are designed with a particular industry in mind. As a food distributor, be sure to find software that is de[...]
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N2: Food Distributor makes the List

I was paging through Profit Magazine’s annual list of Canada’s 100 fastest growing companies yesterday, when I let out a whoop of approval. N2 Ingredients Inc., of Oakville, ON is ranked at number 38. (My whoop drew some interesting looks from[...]
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Food Distribution Software: Not What You Think?

What’s in a name? Particularly when we use industry jargon, that question may be beyond Bill Shakespeare. (See the previous post on ERP and Accounting Software.) Take the term “Food Distribution Software”. At my company, the mean[...]
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