N2: Food Distributor makes the List

Mark Canes

I was paging through Profit Magazine's annual list of Canada's 100 fastest growing companies yesterday, when I let out a whoop of approval. N2 Ingredients Inc., of Oakville, ON is ranked at number 38. (My whoop drew some interesting looks from fellow passengers on the flight to Montreal...)

N2 is a customer of my employer, using our Food Distribution and Inventory Management software. But more importantly, the principals of N2 are terrific people, and we consider them amongst the best we've done business with. Bob and Jill have grown their company the right way, and I have no doubt that their business will continue to grow and thrive.

This is not the first time we've had customers ranked in the Profit 100 - in fact in the last few years, several other Blue Link customers have been on this list.

It's always gratifying to see good people succeed. Congratulations on the achievement!