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5 Software Features to Run a Successful Omni-Channel Distribution Business

Omni-channel retailing is exactly as it sounds – a business model in which a company offers its products and services through multiple sales channels including: on-line, bricks and mortar, showrooms, trade-shows, mobile devices, print catalogues, etc. T[...]
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POS Functionality & eCommerce Integration for Wholesale Distribution Companies

As B2B and B2C eCommerce continues to increase in popularity, the line between wholesale, retail and eCommerce channels has started to blur. Wholesale companies, previously restricted to buying product from the manufacturer, storing in a wa[...]
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4 Popular Features to Look for in Wholesale Inventory Software

When your business decides to take the crucial step to invest in wholesale inventory software, it is imperative that you make a thoughtful and well-informed decision that satisfies your business’s specific needs. With an abundance of features and custo[...]
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Mobile Sales Applications and Other ERP Tools for Sales Reps

Traditionally being a sales rep meant going to door to door to sell product, attending trade shows, showing product demos and cold calling prospects in order to meet quotas. Even though modern sales reps may perform some of the same tasks, a successful sa[...]
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Lot Traceability in the Apparel and Textile Industry

When people hear the term “lot traceability software”, most immediately think of it in terms of the food and pharmaceutical industries – and for good reason.  Take any bottle of ketchup or package of pills and you will find a lot number [...]
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Electric Document Management Software – What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Electronic Document Management Software in the realm of Inventory and Accounting ERP Software. All businesses must store information in some form or another, and for most this means a large n[...]
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Landed Cost Formula (Calculation)

How do I calculate my true cost (“landed cost”) of products? This is a question we frequently hear from our customers and prospects, and it’s based mainly on three areas of uncertainty: What costs should I take into account?[...]
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What is the Difference Between Contact Management and CRM?

In an age of short attention spans, busy schedules and smartphones, we continue to see the use of acronyms in simplifying industry terms, but this can sometimes lead to a poor understanding of the actual meaning and implications behind these phrases. [...]
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Food Bank Software — What to Look For

Post Updated: April, 2020.  Please note that while much of the functionality listed below is still relevant to Food Banks and Food Pantries, Blue Link has stopped developing the system and no longer targets those in the market. Instead, Blue L[...]

RepZio: Mobile Sales Application for Remote Sales Reps, Tradeshows and Showrooms

David Silva recently got on the phone with Marny Tremblay, International Account Manager for RepZio, to discuss how she became involved with them and her experience with the app so far. RepZio is a mobile sales application ( iPad/iPhone app) that a[...]
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