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Lot Tracking Defined: Understanding Common ERP Jargon

Lot tracking is an important concept to understand, and for some businesses, it’s an integral component of distribution inventory software.  This is especially true for businesses that deal with perishable goods, potentially harmful products and pr[...]
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Lot Tracking, Traceability & Product Recall Webinar

Blue Link has hosted a webinar on traceability through lot tracking for managing product recalls. The webinar took place on: Thursday, September 27, 2012 2:00-2:30PM Eastern View the Webinar Now! Things you will learn in the web[...]
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Manufacturing Inventory Software – What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Manufacturing Inventory Software. Manufacturing is a broad term that can apply to a variety of business types and is often used interchangeably across industries. “True” manufacturing consi[...]
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“We Don’t Need Lot Tracking In Our Company”

For many years, lot tracking inventory has not just been good company practice. In a number of industries, regulating agencies such as the FDA, CFIA, and ISO are now mandating that products be lot-tracked from the time they are received until the time the[...]
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Stop Losing Money and Start Tracking Landed Costs

Sometimes telling a prospective customer the truth can offend them, but every good salesperson knows that it’s better to be honest and set realistic expectations. This is especially important when it comes to providing advice on efficiencies, automa[...]
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Pricing Software for Distributors

A recent article in Industrial Distribution Magazine, Stuck in the Middle, outlines the importance of pricing for distributors. The article specifically addresses the need to manage your margins to ensure maximum profitability – for which the appropriat[...]
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Service and Repair Software – What To Look For

This post outlines functionality businesses should expect from their Service and Repair Software. I previously wrote a post on what you should expect from Wholesale Inventory Software. This week, we’ll focus on the features that are important[...]
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Wholesale Inventory Software – What To Look For

This post outlines functionality wholesalers should expect from their Wholesale Inventory Software. The term “wholesale” is a broad industry definition; it includes wholesalers across a variety of industries including: food & bever[...]
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What Distributors Want Out of Their ERP Software

Each industry has specific requirements that sets it apart and, of course, distribution is no exception. Neil Gillespie and Allen Ray recently wrote about “What Distributors Want” in a recent issue of Industrial Supply, where they gathered data from [...]
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Wholesale & Distribution ERP Software Modules

As we mentioned in a previous post, it is important to ensure you are seeking out a system that is well-suited to the industry and space you operate in. For example, we recently covered what to look for in ERP software for food distribution or food wholes[...]
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