RepZio: Mobile Sales Application for Remote Sales Reps, Tradeshows and Showrooms

Mark Canes

David Silva recently got on the phone with Marny Tremblay, International Account Manager for RepZio, to discuss how she became involved with them and her experience with the app so far.

RepZio is a mobile sales application ( iPad/iPhone app) that allows sales reps to present products in a visually appealing way when on-site at a customer’s, at a trade show or on the showroom floor. RepZio is integrated with ERP software such as Blue Link to automatically pull product information from the inventory system and push orders down.

Marny Tremblay, Owner of Newnique Representation, a fashion sales agency, discovered RepZio after she experienced difficulty entering orders while on the road circulating trade shows and immediately fell in love with the product.

“I was exhausted,” said Marny after spending hours each night entering orders after a trade show.

She figured there must be a better way to take orders other than word, excel and email. When she stumbled upon RepZio she had never used an Apple product before but decided to immediately invest in an iPad. She called their team on Thursday and was up and running on the product by Monday. After a short time she came to refer to RepZio as a “salesman’s best friend”.

RepZio — A mobile sales application for remote sales reps, trade shows and showrooms

Shortly thereafter, Marny decided to represent RepZio herself — her line of work allows her to simultaneously use the app as a customer while also demonstrating the app to prospective RepZio clients. Given the beauty of the interface, the product basically sells itself as she uses it travelling from trade show to trade show.

“RepZio is a great fit for a variety of industries,” explained Marny, “whether it’s fashion, wine, furniture, jewellery, hair products or cosmetics.”

RepZio works by displaying categories of products or entire catalogs that salesmen or customers themselves can browse through. “I hold one iPad to show products myself and leave another iPad on the table for customers to browse themselves”. It allows for the capture of customer information and orders on the spot. Orders can be synced live with a back-end inventory and accounting system or entered offline and synced-up later.

The convenience of the app is undeniable. “One of my clients called while I was in a cab and I was able to put them on speakerphone and enter their order on my phone right then and there. Before I hung up the client had the order sitting in their inbox.”

The next big thing for RepZio will be the release of their sister app ShopZio.  This will enable Sales Reps to invite their customers to buy from them directly and collaborate with them on orders.  This direct line of communication with the sales rep opens a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for the sales rep to engage with their customers.

RepZio is ahead of the game in the fast evolving world of tech available to sales reps on the go with a number of large enhancements slated for release in the near future.