Death of The Salesman: ERP Software edition

Mark Canes

A salesperson is a masochist who occasionally gets paid for self-inflicting pain. That famous quote holds true particularly in the business software arena. The typical ERP software salesperson may spend dozens of hours, spread over months (or even years), working on a prospective sale that he / she had no chance of winning at any point during the sales process.

So what should we do as purveyors of wholesale distribution software, or any other business software companies? The answer is quite simple: don’t use salespeople.

Sounds completely wrong, doesn’t it? I will explain further in my next post, but for now I pose 2 simple questions – please feel free to suggest answers in the comments section below:

1. What’s the difference between an ERP Salesperson  and a dinosaur?

2. Who coined the quote at the start of this article?