Dx3 Canada – Your One Stop Shop for All Things Digital

Dx3 is Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing and retail tradeshow event, dedicated to helping Canadian businesses get digital and remain current on Canada’s cutting edge technology sector.  Already in its 5th year, the two day event held in Toronto is always a hot topic among entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals and businesses looking for the latest and greatest in technology to grow their business. Dx3 is more than just your typical tradeshow, and aside from the 75+ vendors that will be exhibiting, the show also boasts interactive marketing and technology zones, presentations and keynote speakers, and over 40 sessions that specifically outline ways in which to expand your business and remain competitive. This year’s speakers include representatives from eBay Canada, VICE Canada, comScore, Twitter, Marketing Magazine, Virtual Logistics and Blue Link’s very own Darren Myher.  In addition to presentations, Dx3 is also known for its detailed sessions that leave its audience with action items and real insight into how to execute their learnings.  This year’s topics include:

  • How To Be Ready For Business In Real Time
  • Connecting Your Customers To The Internet Of Things
  • Creating Habit Forming Products
  • How To Engage The Mobile Consumer (The New Rules For Success)
  • How The Science Of Storytelling Is Changing
  • How To Build Partnerships In The Digital Age

If your business lives in the digital world (and most do in some capacity nowadays), than this tradeshow provides the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the game, learn about emerging trends and develop true partnerships with other businesses.  Whether its eCommerce, omni-channel integration, marketing, retail or customer interaction you’re interested in, Dx3 provides insight from successful businesses about these and other topics.  Not to mention it’s a great excuse to get out of the office for a day!

This year Blue Link is proud to support Dx3 along with several of our integration partners.  Visit us at Booth #316 where we will be speaking to attendees about an often overlooked and certainly less glamorous aspect of eCommerce - back-end inventory and accounting ERP software.  In today’s world, many non-traditional retail operations such as wholesale and distribution businesses, are beginning to sell through multiple sales channels in order to reach more customers.  For example, many distributors also cater to walk-in customers, provide showrooms open to the public and sell through online channels both B2B and B2C.  eCommerce provides the opportunity for any type of business to sell product online, 24/7, 365.  However, eCommerce is just one piece of the puzzle – in order to be successful online, consideration must be made for back-end business management and proper integration.  There is no advantage to selling online if you do not have the processes and systems in place to then process those orders, pick, pack and ship items from your warehouse, invoice your customers and receive new inventory to replenish what has been sold.  For many eCommerce businesses, proper inventory and accounting management can be the difference between your company succeeding and failing.  In such a saturated market, consumers will not easily forgive those eCommerce sites who sell inventory they don’t have, lose orders during shipment and are slow to respond to customer service issues.

Dx3 is a great place to interact with businesses from all parts of the supply chain.  eCommerce agencies and platforms such as Demac Media and Shopify are attending the show to share their insight on how to successfully sell product online and remain competitive.  Virtual Logistics is onsite as an omni-channel data integration service provider to discuss proper integration between multiple systems and channels, including eCommerce and back-end software.  Blue Link is onsite to discuss the importance of having back-end systems in place to manage online sales and to successfully ship product to customers, and Canada Post is onsite in order to answer all your shipping questions.

For more information on Dx3, visit their website! Tickets are only $25 for access to the show floor, or you can grab an All Access Pass for entry to the sessions.