Growing Your Business With Software

Mark Canes

If your company is facing an increase in order volume, difficulty tracking available inventory, and just a little bit of disorganization as a result of growth, perhaps it's time to start managing this growth by evaluating options for doing so. There are a number of solutions available to you, and the first step to making the right decision is to educate yourself on these.

Making the appropriate decision requires time, effort, patience, and commitment. Here are some starting points:

  • If considering the implementation of software, learn about the different levels of software sophistication and what systems are available
  • Compare the total costs in terms of dollars spent, required resources and ROI of hiring an employee vs. investing in software
  • Educate yourself on ERP and how it differs from an introductory system to determine which system is best for your business

When your company starts experiencing significant growth, it's both exciting and stressful. Even if you'd anticipated this growth, the increase in order volume and its impact on other areas of the company such as customer service, shipping, product returns and inventory management can create a hectic environment. The extra work should not prevent you from starting to think about new resources and processes to better manage growth. On the contrary, your available options should be evaluated as soon as possible, before things become completely unmanageable. Find a solution that will align with the future of your company and help foster this growth – even if this may not necessarily be the approach you originally thought of, or the simplest to implement. Start from the beginning by doing research on your options, so that you find the one that best fits your business model and goals so that you can continue to grow in the future.