3 Ways to Get Immediate ROI from Warehouse Inventory Software

Purchasing warehouse inventory software to manage your wholesale distribution business requires a large investment of time, resources and money. Therefore, the sooner you start to see a return on your investment the better. Thankfully, if you’re moving from an introductory system or mostly manual processes, the ROI will be almost immediate through automation, more accurate data, and streamlined processes. Although it’s important to evaluate the cost savings from implementing warehouse inventory software, it’s also important to evaluate other benefits – such as the amount of time you save picking, packing and shipping orders, the shipping errors you’re able to eliminate, and the more accurate your inventory. Let’s explore some of the immediate benefits of implementing Blue Link’s warehouse inventory software.

(1) Reduce Manual Data Entry

With Blue Link’s warehouse inventory software, you will immediately be able to reduce the amount of data entry. This then eliminates the need to hire or pay additional employees, and instead you can improve the efficiency of your existing staff and processes. When a customer submits an order, or when you receive inventory into your warehouse, you no longer need to manually enter information across multiple systems and spreadsheets. Instead, orders from multiple sales channels accumulate into one system, automatically allocating inventory and updating inventory availability. Employees also have the option to scan new shipments directly into the system during the receiving process.

(2) Improve Productivity

Inventory accuracy empowers your team to sell more product without ever having to worry about whether or not an item is out of stock. This means you’re able to better serve customers and improve the pick, pack and ship process. With tools such as mobile barcode scanning, you eliminate the human error associated with manually picking orders and instead your employees are able to quickly and accurately pick, pack and ship product to customers. Employees are able to easily determine the next steps by quickly pulling up new orders directly from the handheld device. With bin and shelf location tracking, employees don’t waste any time wandering the warehouse floor looking for product. When you manage data from a single system, inventory availability is always up-to-date – even quantities available online through proper eCommerce integration.

(3) Increase Shipping Accuracy

Barcode scanning provides a double check when packing orders which helps to improve the accuracy of shipping. Pack-to-container functionality allows you to track and account for every item and container it was shipped in. Fewer shipping errors increases customer trust and keeps customers happy.

Taking into account the immediate benefits of implementing warehouse inventory software, it seems like a no brainer to upgrade from your introductory system and manual processes. Even if each individual task your employees are performing today do not take up that much time, when you combine the amount of time across employees and processes, the numbers quickly add up. Proper software allows you to focus on more important areas of the business – such as growing sales - instead of worrying about fixing mistakes and not having accurate information. If you’re moving from a legacy piece of software, or already have some warehouse inventory features in your current system, look for warehouse inventory software that provides advanced functionality – such as the ability to track the movement of product throughout your entire warehouse, show empty bin/shelf availability and set-up stocking location priorities and ratings.

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