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Cost Benefit Analysis for Business Process Automation

Having previously discussed the concept of business process automation (“BPA”) and how to identify bottlenecks that BPA can potentially resolve, let’s now turn our attention to the costs of implementing BPA, and the cost versus bene[...]
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Stop Comparing ERP Software to Introductory Software

It can be easy to get caught up in a game of comparisons when searching for new software.  And in some situations, it is very important to compare different solutions side by side, especially when it comes to things like data migration, implementatio[...]
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Gearing Up Your Wholesale Business for Black Friday

Every year it seems that Black Friday deals begin earlier and earlier, and some predict that sales will start as early as November 1st this time around.  Earlier start dates put pressure on businesses to be prepared for a month’s worth of increased ord[...]
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Bookkeepers and Accounting ERP Software can help keep an Owner’s Mind on Growing the Business

As any business owner will tell you, there is no such thing as a traditional ‘9-5’ work day, as working hours extend far beyond into the evenings and weekends. In most start-ups and small businesses, the available resources are slim at best, and the o[...]
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Why Company Culture Should Influence Your ERP Software Selection

Company culture is the set of values and practices shared by a company’s employees, which influences employee interaction, a company’s work environment, work expectations, future growth and strategic plans. This, in turn, affects employee behaviour, p[...]
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Managing Business Growth with Software

If your company is facing an increase in order volume, difficulty tracking available inventory, and just a little bit of disorganization as a result of growth, perhaps it’s time to start managing this growth by evaluating options for doing so. Th[...]
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How ERP Can Help Your Small Business Act like a Large One

When smaller operations look at robust technology with advanced functionality and a matching price tag, they often get scared away. As a small business owner, you may think a sophisticated ERP system is overkill for your needs, and you may be concerned ab[...]
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Growth, Accounting Software and Fertilizer

So you want your business to grow faster? One of the following strategies will help – can you spot the right choice? Make more promises – even if you can’t keep them. Water your business regularly. Use steroids.[...]
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