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Moving Checklist: Office Move

Guest Post by: Samantha Hornby Blue Link ERP recently moved office locations and for anyone else who has ever moved locations, I think you will agree that it is not an easy exercise. Luckily for us, we were only moving a couple of clicks down the r[...]
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Factors to Consider When Upgrading Software: Employee Skill Set

Introductory software systems, such as QuickBooks, are great tools for small and start-up businesses.    They require minimal training and set-up, are intuitive and easy to use and come with a relatively low price tag.  However, as your business grow[...]

3 Traits of the Perfect ERP Sales Lead

Guest Post by Samantha Hornby As a salesperson, I speak with prospective customers every day to try and understand their wholesale inventory software needs to determine whether or not our solution would be a good fit.  Based on the industry they ar[...]
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Are Unconscious Biases Preventing Your Company from Making the Right Decisions?

Every day people make decisions; some are very simple and therefore unconsciously made, and some involve a lengthy process of evaluating and comparing options before making a choice.  Whether making a simple decision or a complex one, we are not as rati[...]

The Importance of Evaluating Processes during the Inventory Management Software Search

When implementing new inventory management software, a business owner should always take the opportunity to evaluate processes with a view to increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.  A good software vendor will not only spend time discussing their[...]
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How to Convince Your Boss You Need New Software [5 Tips]

You have a problem: your software just isn’t cutting it anymore. You know the solution: new software. However, it’s not that simple, because you now need to figure out how to convince your boss that the business needs new software. Here a[...]
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Getting Employees Onboard for Software Change

One of the hardest barriers to overcome when making organizational changes (such as implementing a new inventory and accounting system) is getting employees on board with the changes.  Although resistance from employees is a natural reaction, there are[...]

How to Replace QuickBooks

We’ve previously written about moving off of QuickBooks, and knowing when it’s time to make the transition from an introductory system to a fully integrated ERP solution. However, knowing when to make the move is quite different from knowing how to [...]
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Replace QuickBooks: Getting Over QuickBooks

You awoke one day and realized that it’s time for a change: “QuickBooks has to go”. It has served your organization well over the years – its simplicity its greatest strength – but now the limitations of QuickBooks are putting the brakes on your[...]
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Business Software: a change is not a holiday

Implementing a new ERP or Business and Accounting software system is not a walk in the park. As with any systemic change, even a comparatively smooth and problem-free implementation will not be without a degree of stress and upheaval. I was reading [...]
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