We’re Gonna Work Around The Clock Tonite…

Mark Canes

(With apologies to Bill Haley and the Comets...)

Got my Blackberry on, thumbs engaged
No missed emails at any stage
We're gonna work around the clock tonite
We're gonna work and text 'til broad daylight
We're gonna work work work around the clock tonite (and tomorrow, and tomorrow nite, etc.)

In a previous post I dealt with some obvious consequences of being always connected, but I must admit I hadn't thought of the issues that this article raises. For some years now the concept of a standard work day / week has been diminishing for knowledge workers, as email, telecommuting and smartphones have respectively entered the arena of workaday tools.

While some (most?) Smartphone addicts reflexively check and respond to emails in real time of their own volition (or addiction), seems that some employers are now making this a condition of employment. This effectively means that you are on duty 24/7 - but as you're not actually working 24/7, what are your true work hours? And if you're expected to respond to email outside of work hours, is it then OK to do personal chores during work hours? And if not, why not?

Remember when we actually believed that computers and technology were going to free up our time? Those were the days, my friend.

As an iPhone user who only checks email sporadically when not working at the accounting software company, I'm curious about others.

Are you required to be available 24/7?

And are you addicted to your Smartphone?