4 eCommerce Implications for Distributors

Mark Canes

Previously, we wrote about some of the opportunities and concerns with eCommerce and inventory management. We are now beginning to see more and more information spring up on this topic and it is obvious that distribution for eCommerce has become extremely important – and that integrated eCommerce and ERP software may be the key.

Consumer demands for eCommerce are peaking – they are demanding faster delivery times at cheaper costs – and distributors are rushing to keep up. So, it is extremely important to ensure you, as a distributor, do whatever you can to make the process more efficient. Derek Singleton, of SoftwareAdvice.com, points out in a recent article 4 ways distributors can capitalize on eCommerce, which we have summarized below:

1.     Make products easier to pick

Ensure fastest-moving products are kept at the front and are easy to access.

2.     Minimize package space

To reduce shipping costs, it is beneficial to minimize the amount of packaging on products. This has the added benefit of also being environmentally friendly – a growing concern in the business world.

3.     Boost efficiencies in delivery routes

If you do your own delivery, a proper software system can help you plan out shipments based on quantities available and help maximize truckloads. Software also exists to integrate with ERP systems to automatically select a shipper based on cost given various criteria from your ERP software.

4.     Critically analyze how orders are shipping

Orders need to be packed on an individual basis but before being shipped there are opportunities for cost-savings. Taking a periodic look at orders ready to be shipped can allow you to identify commonalities on where they are being shipped.

In the modern business environment managers must think about ways in which they can streamline their businesses using technology. These 4 points should help.