Blue Link and eCommerce: Your Gateway To Success

Mark Canes

Guest blog by Josh Hines, Integration Developer at Demac Media

Blue Link is an extremely robust ERP system.  At the heart of it, I know it best as Inventory Software, dealing directly with the Blue Link ERP system, the Blue Link API, and even leading members of the Blue Link team themselves.  Our role in working together is too ensure not only that your data is correct on the Blue Link side of things, but also ensuring that your data is consistent and accurate on your own Magento driven eCommerce website.

My experience with Blue Link is still rather new, but it doesn't take more than a quick glance to see that just from the inventory side of Blue Link alone, there is a lot of information that you can store in your Blue Link ERP system.  All the typical data like price and weight, as well as some more advanced features such as giving one item multiple different sizes (and giving each size different prices and such as well).

Blue Link makes it very easy, for me, a data integration developer at Demac Media, to maintain your eCommerce website's product data and inventory.  So, what a data integration developer do? Well I keep your product data updated on your eCommerce website.  Got a sale starting?  I get it on your site.  Got a new line of products to sell online?  I've got you covered.

Not sure your products will work with Blue Link?  Don't despair! Blue Link is robust enough to fit every vendors needs.  On top of this, Demac Media's Data Donkey is powerful enough to put your data integration needs into action.  I've had time to work directly with Darren Myher, the V.P. Operations and CTO, of Blue Link to ensure that a client’s needs between all three of our companies (Blue Link, Demac Media, and yours!) are well met, well-formed, and well understood.

The thing that amazed me most about working with Blue Link is how flexible they were in their installs and how willing they were to make a change to make a process on our side or the client’s side so much easier.  This was made possible by the incredible amount of attention to detail, and the great and consistent communication from Blue Link’s end.  When a change is made, the instructions are thorough and precise with visual representations.

Blue Link is a truly great product, spanning functionality across every facet needed for an ERP system.  You've got your inventory management software, and your accounting software at the core of it, and Blue Link offers extensive interactive tours of some of the features you'll find within it.  Always working side by side to ensure that all your inventories are always at their correct counts, and all sales data is calculated properly.  They even offer to host your install of Blue Link on their own On-Premises server!  When it comes to eCommerce and data integration, these guys are at the top of the game.  They know what needs to be done to get your product information up and running, and Blue Link (as well as Demac Media) will help you out every step of the way to ensure your specific needs are met.


About Josh:

Josh Hines is a data integration developer for Demac Media.  Josh maintains data of many of Demac's current clients, and is always working with new clients to get their specialized needs realized.