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How to Pick the Best Import Export Software for Your Distribution Business

Choosing the best import export software for your distribution business can be a cumbersome task for any company, but can get even more complicated when industry specific functionality is needed.  Many systems include basic accounting, inventory and cust[...]
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Apparel Inventory Software [Definition]

Apparel inventory software is designed to streamline and manage all processes of an apparel wholesale/distribution business. The nature of the apparel industry requires specific functionality for managing inventory items that come in multiple variations &[...]
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Gearing Up for the Holiday Season – Wholesale & Distribution

As I write this on November 28th, it’s clear that the holiday season has already started – at least for shoppers, and consequently for retailers and their suppliers. In the U.S., Thanksgiving and Black Friday officially kick of the start off t[...]
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Apparel Inventory Software for Wholesale & Distribution

What functionality should you expect from Apparel Inventory Software for Wholesale & Distribution? The apparel wholesale and distribution business presents distinct inventory management challenges, compared with managing other types of inventory[...]
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Import & Export Software – What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Import and Export Software. There are so many software packages out there these days that it can feel like you’re drowning when searching for information.  So we try to break things down[...]
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Eliminate Errors: Wholesale Distribution Software Success Story

Too many people try to apply simplistic solutions to complex problems – like politicians at election time. However, sometimes a simple solution actually works out well. A great example of this was a wholesaler that was experiencing a very hig[...]
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Service and Repair Software – What To Look For

This post outlines functionality businesses should expect from their Service and Repair Software. I previously wrote a post on what you should expect from Wholesale Inventory Software. This week, we’ll focus on the features that are important[...]
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What Distributors Want Out of Their ERP Software

Each industry has specific requirements that sets it apart and, of course, distribution is no exception. Neil Gillespie and Allen Ray recently wrote about “What Distributors Want” in a recent issue of Industrial Supply, where they gathered data from [...]
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Is eCommerce for Wholesalers and Distributors?

I’m talking about the smaller companies out there – employing perhaps 10 or 15 people in total, doing a few million dollars in annual revenue. The vast majority of these companies do not provide an e-commerce interface to their customers.[...]
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