SaaS: Stop Adding Annoying Servers

Mark Canes

Much has been said and written about the pros and cons of moving your business and accounting software systems into the “Cloud”. If you’re planning to replace your existing, on-premise ERP system anyway, then hopefully you are at least exploring the possibility of a SaaS / Cloud Computing implementation.

But what if your server has reached the end of its useful life? Faced with the costs and headaches of buying a new server, and the ongoing 3rd party costs to maintain and support your infrastructure, this may be an opportune time to consider instead moving your applications into the cloud.

If the on-premises (in-house) software you’re using also offers a SaaS implementation, I’d suggest that you at least strongly explore and consider the SaaS route before going out and replacing (or upgrading your server. If it doesn’t offer this – why not?

(By the way, “SaaS” actually stands for “Software as a Service” – but I prefer my version in the title of this post.)