Food Bank Inventory and Accounting Software

For Medium and Large Food Banks

Blue Link’s Food Bank Inventory and Accounting Software allows Food Banks to automate their warehouse and simplify their inventory management and accounting processes. Blue Link is a fully-integrated solution that includes inventory, accounting, contact management, order entry and invoicing, and warehouse management. Some of our features include:

  • Distinguish between purchased and donated product
  • Prepare detailed reports for stakeholders
  • Handheld barcode scanning solution for warehouse picking and receiving
  • AR / AP, General Ledger, Bank Management etc.
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • Inventory / Warehouse Management
  • Contact Management / CRM
  • Lot tracking and Traceability

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Food Bank Software for Warehouse
Ottawa Food Bank Customer Success Story

Food Bank Inventory and Accounting Software

Many Food Banks cannot meet the needs of their agencies with donated items alone. Blue Link allows you to keep track of product coming in from both donated and purchased product and allocate each type evenly across clients. Detailed reports can then be generated that break down product received by source for detailed analysis of donated vs. purchased product.
Blue Link offers several reporting options including automated report subscriptions to have reports show up in your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Example reports:

  • Item by Category – Purchased vs. Donated
  • Monthly Distribution of Product by Category
  • Products Ordered vs. Delivered
  • Agency Fulfillment

Many other reports are available and, of course, new reports can be built easily. It is also easy to directly export data to Excel to freely manipulate data.

Blue Link’s handheld picking solution automates the picking and put away process and helps eliminate paper in the warehouse. The handheld scanners aid employees in moving through the warehouse in the most efficient manner, picking multiple orders simultaneously and allocating both donated and purchased product to each.

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Food Bank Traceability

“Blue Link is working out fantastic; something we should have done years ago. With Blue Link we have everything we need in one application and it has saved us a tremendous amount of time. Everything is barcoded, where we just scan the agency order sheets and from there everything is taken care of on the handheld device. It has saved a tremendous amount of time order picking.”

– Gary McCarthy, Operations Manager